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  1. Pretty rude From: Lail Das Date: 12/27/2016 Tuesday 9:03 pm Hello Leader, Why join The Knights Radiant when you can join Regicide? We offer $50,000 and protection to new members. We have sorcery like BBcode! Our goal is to teach new players the game before they start a political career in Regicide. So join today (guaranteed acceptance)! -Lail Das
  2. Ok, you grow a tenth of an inch. I wish Justin Bieber never became famous.
  3. Oh my god why is that in your head
  4. My answer for question 1 and 2 is the same. What age does it make me
  5. Thanks You pretty much just gave some to me
  6. Can anybody trade me 5 aluminum?
  7. Thanks Emmet! But are you even a master builder?
  8. Yeah, Korean
  9. Hi, I'm Minjeong. Nice to meet you. I joined yesterday. I'm from Canada, in grade 9 this year. I like skating. Sometimes watching hockey is fun, like Regina Pats games