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    King of the Heralds: Benfro


    I am King Benfro, current leader of TKR. Prior to my June 2020 appointment to this role, I served as Herald of Foreign Affairs, Herald of War, and High Prince of War. I first joined TKR in July 2017 and was previously a member of Pantheon (many Pantheon iterations ago). I joined Politics and War after being recruited from CyberNations, where my alliance, GPA, was still going strong. I originally started playing CyberNations, and before that NationStates, in 2005.


    Apart from playing this game and my vocation (working in finance), I am a high school and college basketball referee. I enjoy my time on the court greatly and look forward to basketball season each year. Finally, I am quite the traveler and am on a mission to visit all 50 states with my wife; we only have 9 more to go!


    Prince of the Heralds: GoldyHammer


    Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Throne! I am GoldyHammer - Prince of TKR (and her second biggest Princess after Smith). I joined TKR as a fresh faced player what feels like a lifetime (and some) ago. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the day Adrienne became Queen.


    Upon joining TKR, I had next to no experience with nation sims (the only remotely similar game I have ever played was OGame) but was able to transfer some skills learnt in other games to helping organise a bridge crew which earned me my first government promotion to HPoW (50 days after joining - take that Blink) during the Dance, Dance, Revolution war. During that period, Benfro was Herald of War and that's the reason I still affectionately refer to him as 'boss' in conversation.


    Since then, I have been fortunate enough to be considered worthy of a wide range of postings including both HoFA and HoW. I have also on occasion helped econ with embezzling safeguarding members' resources on the offshore. The only department I have not held some responsibility is IA (phew!).


    With regards to other games, I still actively play Runescape and on occasion have been known to dabble in SC2/Civ. I have spent the last year training to be a History teacher in secondary school (ages 11-18) and obtained my Qualified Teacher Status officially a few days ago (July 2020). If you have questions for me about the game or myself please do drop me a message on Slack :) 





    Herald of Growth: Schirminator


    I'm Schirminator (often called Schirm) and I am the current Herald of Growth. I started this game in December 2015 due to @John Henry Eden during my senior year of high school. He happened to be in TKR so I decided to join up as well. Before TKR, I hadn't had any experience with online communities and honestly didn't understand how people could get so attached to them. Naturally, I wasn't very interested in the community aspect of the game early on and stayed relatively quiet until April 2016 when we moved our community to Slack. With a nicer chatroom to engage in conversation (IRC = bad), I began to get more involved in the alliance and the community. For a short period of time, I helped coordinate counters when TKR members got raided. In April 2017, I was promoted to High Prince of Growth and became the Herald of Growth in June 2017 where I sit to this day. I am the second longest currently serving gov member (sans shards) behind Azaghul (High Prince of Resources). During these last 5 years, I've come to make a lot of great friends and to miss a lot of old ones. I definitely stayed in TKR all this time because of the community.


    In real life, I just graduated from college with a Mathematics and Computer Science major (May 2020) and just received a job offer as a development consultant where I will split my time between software development and interacting with customers regarding our software solutions.


    High Prince of Resources: Azaghul


    I'm Azaghul, High Prince of Resources.  I started playing Cybernations in 2007, where I briefly knew Benfro in GPA.  I spent most of my years in CN in the same alliance as Infinite Citadel and we often worked together in various leadership roles.  We always got along really really well had very similar approaches to the game.


    IC recruited me to join P&W in 2015, where we were a part of the World Wresting Federation with a few other people we knew from CN.  I became mostly inactive in CN around that point and quit altogether a year or two later.  WWF disbanded after a few months and IC recruited me to join the new alliance he was founding, The Knights Radiant.  We have similar ideas about what makes a good alliance and I was enthusiastic about joining an alliance guided by IC's vision!  It has been in many ways a great combination of the best characteristic of each of the alliances in CN were in together.


    TKR also introduced me to the Stormlight Archive series which I hadn't read before.


    I might have been something other than High Prince of Resources at one point but it's been so long I have a hard time remembering!  I've been a part of every war in TKR's history.  Sometimes very actively, sometimes as a whale who can't find any slots.  I've mostly focused on econ and military elements, building spreadsheets, writing guides, and optimizing our efforts.  My main contribution to our FA was to help torpedo relations with NPO by getting in a public spat with Roquentin (oops I guess!)


    IRL, I'm 32 and figuring out life.  I've been very active in politics and worked on a dozen or so political campaigns, most of them Austin City Council races.  Politically, I'm liberal and involved with the Democratic Party but my main focus is on local issues where I'm an urbanist: I push for denser housing and cities and more multi-modal transit (public transit, pedestrians, bikes instead of cars.)  I enjoy computer games like EU4 and many other nerdy things, as well as hiking and the outdoors.


    High Prince of Growth: Yir Yoronti


    My name is Yiroslav Yoronti the 3rd, first of my name. I am one of the many High Princes of Growth and was the Herald of Growth just before Schirminator. I joined the game in August 2016 and joined TKR right away so this has been my one and only alliance in PnW. I got promoted to High Prince in October 2016. and to Herald in March 2017, replacing @Deus who was the original Herald of Growth and one of the founders. I stepped down after RL showed its ugly face but rejoined gov during Knightfall.


    In real life, I'm a 30 year old accountant from Croatia. I'm a sucker for nation sims so I've played these games for half of my life and have known several TKR members for almost a decade now.


    High Prince of Growth: Mitsuru


    My name is Mitsuru and I have been serving as High Prince of Growth since May 2019. I've previously already served in this position from December 2017 to August 2018. I joined PnW in May 2017 and have been with TKR ever since. My responsibilities in the alliance include almost everything related to the economic aspects of the game such as processing requests (aid, grants, loans), consulting our members on econ-related questions and discussing new programs and guidelines within our government. I'm also involved in keeping our discord server relatively up to date. Besides PnW, I'm very interested in other countries and cultures. I have lived in Japan for two years and will soon graduate with a Master's degree in Japanese studies.


    High Prince of Taxes: Augustus Caesar


    I'm Augustus Caesar, currently the High Prince of Taxes since April of 2019. I also used to serve as a High Prince of War from Oct of 2017 to July of 2018. I first joined TKR on July 18 of 2015 while randomly looking online for an interesting game. I have fought in every major war TKR been apart of, from Proxy to our last one. Having no previous experience in these types of games, I wasn't interested in my early years of TKR of being a bigger part but after awhile I wanted to become more involved and soon joined our War department and became a HPoW back in TKR's Golden Days. When I graduated HS, I was burned out and was too busy with figuring out college so stepped away from gov. It wouldn't be till a year later that the itch to be more involved again made me return to Gov but this time as Econ as I was looking for something new. Currently my main job as High Prince of Taxes is changing everyone taxes when needed and making sure everyone on the right taxes 👀.  So if anyone is ever on the wrong taxes due to inactivity, make sure to ping me as that is my job 👀.





    Herald of Fabrials: Talus


    I am Talus, Herald of Fabrials (tech dept). I joined Politics & War in January 2018 and promptly joined TKR after being recruited by SaintlyBloody and was mentored by Kaladin. My first staff role was as a mentor where I mentored several people including our own Herald of War, Blink. I later left the mentor program and moved into milcom as bridge crew XO. After enduring the manual effort that is running a bridge crew, I began writing up programs to help out milcom which in turn caught gov's attention and allowed me to move into the tech department and eventually become the Herald of Fabrials.


    Prior to Politics & War, I played Cyber Nations (CN), and still do to this day. I have been playing Cyber Nations since 2008 where I held staff roles in tech farming and trade circles for my alliance. I was also active in CN:Tournament Edition where I was in milcom for a year and then leader for a few years after that.


    When not playing nation sims, I like to spend time playing a variety of PC games, most recently: Terraria, Sea of Thieves, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Beat Saber.





    Herald of Foreign Affairs: Cooper




    As my Cooper-studded pfp makes clear, I'm Cooper and the Herald of FA, or – as Creepy likes to call me – the head diva.  A lot of the FA work I do happens on discord and the forums, so most of y'all won't usually see me carrying out my duties, which include strategizing around and responding to the political situations that affect TKR as well as organizing our diplomatic corps who we eponymously call FAmily (and blaming Niz wherever possible).  I joined TKR twice, first in 2018 for 3 months to fight in DDR and again in mid-2019, going on hiatus in between to focus on college applications and enjoying senior year.  In my second run here, I joined FA staff in May and got promoted in June.


    Many of you might be more familiar with the version of me who has debated against or with you on some irreverent topic (apologies in advance if we haven't crossed paths yet).  I'm interested in both politics and science, and so I plan on studying both in some capacity with my current major in BME and planned masters in public policy.  Outside of that, I like to take jogs/runs all of the time, play baseball, I'm a big cavs fan (WAHOOWA!), I like learning about other cultures and languages (especially Spanish), and I go complete nerd for a litany of random topics like philosophy, cool wordplay/banter, and anything related to Rick and Morty.  


    Anyways, I'm around, so don't be afraid to drop a beeps.  Pokes are acceptable too.  


    High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Smith


    Hello, I am Smith the current High Prince of Foreign Affairs. I've been in TKR since I first joined the game back in November 2016 and I first joined gov in January 2017. While I have taken breaks, I have served in this role at one point or another under every leader TKR has had. In the past, I was I was one of our primary diplomats but now, due to RL obligations, I mainly offer counsel. 


    IRL, I live near Boston and work in sales at a software company. For fun, I love movies and try to watch at least one new one a week. I also enjoy kayaking and organize our weekly EU4 game :D 





    Herald of Internal Affairs: Wizel16


    My name is Wizel and I am the current Herald of Internal Affairs and also a mentor.  I oversee the entire IA department and help out @WarriorSoul and @alyster where needed.  I also handle the IA part of the audits and notification/removal of inactives among other things.  I started playing PnW in late March of 2019 shortly before Surf's Up.  TKR is the first and only alliance I have been in;  I joined the day after creating my nation.  During NPO's Last time, I was promoted three times.  First in July, I became the Mentor Manager.  In the middle of December, I joined gov as High Prince of IA.  Then finally at the end of January, I moved up to high gov as the Herald of IA.


    Away from the game, I work in aviation where I have for about 22 years and spending time with the family.  I also enjoy gaming, mostly sim and grand strategy games like EU4. 


    High Prince of Internal Affairs: WarriorSoul


    I'm WarriorSoul, and am currently one of two High Princes of Internal Affairs, alongside Alyster, working under Wizel. I joined in November of 2019, and previously served as Herald of the People before joining IA.


    I first started playing P&W in 2016 when I migrated over with my Cybernations alliance, R&R, whom I had played with for years. However, I got burned out on both games and left up until my recent return in November.


    Outside of this game I'm a huge sports fan, namely football, soccer, and basketball. I play video games a bit, but would generally prefer to be spending my time out and about with my wife and our friends.


    High Prince of Internal Affairs: BigMorf


    I'm BigMorf, and I am currently serving as the High Prince of Recruitment. I've only been playing PnW for a couple months now, but I've been in TKR serving as a Oathkeeper, Bridge Crew Leader, and a Diplomat for the past few months since I've joined. I've been playing nation simulators since 2006, when, I joined Cybernations. I've served in various governemntal roles, from MilCom, to FA, to Internal Affairs in several different alliances. I love these games, and specifically TKR for the great community that I get to be a part of and the fact that what I do can help affect real people.


    Outside of TKR, my name is Josh and I work for a Christian Non-Profit that works with Teenagers, trying to help them live their best life and getting them through tough situations. I'm a big sports guy, loving basketball, football, and baseball. I'll even dabble with soccer. Love video games and reading, but I'm ultimately a people person. I'm drawn to Community. Would love to get to know you if I haven't already.





    Herald of War: Miller


    I’m Miller, one of your High Princes of War. I joined PnW in May of 2018. I was first promoted to milcom during the tail end of Knightfall and remained on staff through Surfs Up and NPO's Last Time. After a 6 week sabbatical in Arrgh, I returned to TKR and what is now Ben’s basement. Milcom staff does it all but my main responsibility during a war is handling beige requests. I’ve previously played Project Terra and CN as far as games like this go. 

    Away from the game, I like doing stuff with my family. I also like reading and gaming. I’ve been on a Total War kick lately but also like paradox games and open world games on ps4. 


    High Prince of War: Legoboyvdlp


    I am legoboyvdlp, High Prince of War. I joined Politics and War in February 2018 on invitation of Talus and Radoje, who were both members of my Cybernations alliance. After some time as a member, I took my first position as Herald of the People in January 2019. Shortly afterwards I also joined the IA department first as Oathkeeper, then overseeing the mentor program. Finally, in April 2019 I became High Prince of IA, holding this position for only a short time until unfortunately I was forced to go into VM due to real life circumstances. After returning at the tail end of last year for the last two months of NPO's Last Time, I was approached to join milcom as a crew leader, handling counters for TKR and our protectorates. And finally became HPOW at the start of this month (July 2020), just in time to hit Arrgh :).


    High Prince of War: Wummy_Yodder


    Hi! I'm Wummy_Yodder, and I'm one of TKR's High Princes of War! I joined the game back in march of 2018 when I was bored one day and saw an ad for Politics and War. I applied to join TKR within days of joining PnW, got in, and been here ever since. I've fought in DDR (which broke the record for longest war fought), Knightfall (which broke the record for longest war fought) and Surf's Up into NPO's Last Time/The Desolation (I don't really count Surf's Up as a separate war since it went directly into NPO's Last Time without a break in the fighting. By the way, did you know that NPO's Last Time broke the record for longest war fought?) I joined milcom as a bridge crew leader back in June of 2020, and just got promoted to HpoW in July 2020!

    My life out of PnW is pretty calm. I live near Grand Rapids Michigan, and I'm close to graduating high school. I enjoy most video games (read: I'm obsessed with, and spend all my time playing video games) and have other big interests in Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Reading, and Travel.


    High Prince of War: Lancelot



    I’m Lancelot, High Prince of War. I joined Politics and War in April 2020 when I found it through a Facebook ad. This is the first game of this kind I’ve played and really the only video game that I play with any regularity. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this game, and that’s because of TKR, which I joined immediately upon joining PnW. At the time of this writing, I’ve yet to fight in any major wars but was able to standout as a successful raider. I joined Milcom as a crew leader in July 2020 and became High Prince of War soon after, in August 2020.

    In my real life, I’m located in the United States where I work as a lawyer. In my free time outside of PnW I am an avid beach volleyball player and a huge fan of LSU sports (Geaux Tigers!) Other than that, I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog, and am eagerly awaiting the birth of my first child, due in September 2020.


    High Prince of War: Allend


    Hello, My name is Allend but I also go by Dada. I started playing Politics and War in June of 2019. The first alliance I joined was The Socialist League( it was a micro highest rank was probably 55-60). I went inactive during End game, then came back and took over what was left of TSL. We merged with another alliance and formed The Spartan Republic. Initially it was a success, but due to some immature instances with some other people, I decided to leave. I then fancied three alliances Rose, TI, and TKR. I decided to go with TKR, and it was the best decision I made in this game. I joined a day after Benfro became King and was promoted to gov on my 100 day anniversary( which is great timing imo).


    In real life, well that is complicated. I am interested in writing and I am a wannabe writer, which is something I fell in love with a year ago. I am currently working on a fantasy book that is inspired by events in PnW and is centered around TKR( Though names of settings are changed ).



    Odium: Infinite Citadel


    I'm Infinite Citadel and I'm one of the Shards of TKR. Back in June 2015, I decided to form an alliance that would take the best parts of the alliances I'd been a member of in the past, while leaving the worst parts behind (I had played CyberNations since 2006-2007ish). The result was TKR, and it's been a success! I led the alliance from its founding in June to March 2017. Since then, I've been through sporadic bouts of activity and helped out where needed (at points being the Herald of War and briefly the Herald of Internal Affairs). Founding this alliance was definitely my proudest moment in CN or PnW. 


    In RL, I am a recent law school graduate with a background in biology/genetics. Basically, I'm a huge nerd! Other games I play these days boil down to paradox games like EU4 and adventure games like Fallout or the Witcher III. When I'm not sitting at my computer, I'm generally hiking or watching/playing sports.


    Honor: Lordship


    Lordship here, I go by Honor on slack and I'm one of the Shards. I've been playing nation simulator games since around 2010 starting with Cybernations. Before creating my PnW nation, I was active in the CN scene for a long time with the alliance Viridian Entente, however the game became very stale and I moved over to PnW when this branch was created. A few months into PnW, I had already read the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, to the point where I tried to call myself Dalinar when I came over to this game, and to my great surprise it was already taken by someone with a Dalinar avatar. It seemed I wasn't the only Stormlight fan! I watched IC create TKR and joined very early on in the first few weeks of its infancy.


    From there I became actively involved in the alliance, taking up government jobs with a specialty in Foreign Affairs since that was my background from CN. I served as the Herald of FA very early on and, in coordination with IC, helped lead the alliance's continuous growth and influence across Orbis. After TKR winning a few wars, I was eventually promoted to the rank of Prince of the Heralds and served as IC's second while we continued to maneuver TKR into favorable positions. At one point, we held a very strong grip on the game and one of our longtime FA partners, BK, broke away from us in an attempted clandestine operation and signed our nemesis NPO to a massive bloc treaty. It was at this time that IC stepped down and I took up the mantle of leadership, serving TKR as its King. The following months would see us undergo one of the bloodiest wars in our history in the Trail of Tiers where "The Pit" was born. A few months after we secured total victory over the enemy in that war, I stepped down as King due to IRL commitments that I'll describe in the next part. 


    Outside of the game, I'm a Registered Nurse working through the current global pandemic. I'm also studying behavioral analysis and hope to eventually combined an psychiatric ARNP role with a BCBA role. I'm originally from Cuba and moved to the States at the young age of 3 years old, thank God. Other than that I'm into politics, reading books, playing video games, and generally studying the human condition. My DMs are always open on Slack or in-game for any questions or conversations. 


    Survival: TheCreepyLurker


    I'm a resident lurker and proud Shard of TKR.  I'm also old and shake my cane at people.  I had the fortune of being in ODN:CN with Infinite Citadel and he recruited me over here.  I applied on November 17, 2016 and was accepted November 21, 2016 (for some reason I got a vouch from IC but still had to go through the academy...).  On April 25, 2017, Lordship appointed me as High Prince of IA under Lamort.  On August 30, 2017, Lamort stepped down and promoted me to Herald of IA.  On October 22, 2017, I successfully couped Woot was appointed as Prince of the Heralds.  The coup of royal appointment by Lordship happened on November 19, 2017.  I was couped stepped down on April 24, 2018.  


    Before TKR, I played CyberNations off and on from about 2006 to 2016.  Most of that time I spent in ODN where I was one of the founders and spent collectively years in government roles from executive, to legislative, to judicial.  Prior to that I played NationStates from about 2003-2008.  I can't quite remember that far back and NS refers to my nation as "ancient" without giving an exact date...  (rude)  


    Out of the virtual world, I'm an engineer, am married, have a two and a half year old daughter, and hobbies like camping, hiking, photography, and most sports.  Lately I've been playing a lot of disc golf.


    Harmony: Adrienne


    I'm Adrienne, one of the Shards. I joined TKR in March 2017, joined milcom staff as the first class of Bridge Crew Leaders that May, became High Princess of War that July, Herald of War that October, Princess of the Heralds the following March (just after my one year anniversary in TKR), and then Queen of the Heralds in April 2018. I currently hold the distinction of longest reigning monarch, ruling for a little over 25 months, about 60% of which we spent at war. These days, I just pester Ben by offering unsolicited advice (😘) and help out wherever I’m needed.


    In real life, I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer and dedicated traveler, having been to 21 countries and lived in England and Mexico, just moving back to the US last year. I’m hoping to make it to 30 before I turn 30. I am also a huge fan of fantasy/sci-fi novels, love learning about history and culture, and plan to eventually go back to school for a PhD in Geography or Environmental Anthropology.


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