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  1. Name: John Henry Eden Alliance: Black Knights Position: Defense staff Alliance Forums: Alliance IRC or discord link:
  2. everyone knows that John Henry Eden is the best name
  3. 500

    Fallout 1
  4. Yes ! Another bond smith for our glorious ranks
  5. actually I'd reckon If hippo armed up he'd be next to me lol too bad whoever gets paired with me gets the most intense bad luck. I swear everytime there is a blitz on us I never get hit but my fireteam gets pounded. (It's probably not because of the nukes )
  6. eh I may not be the most active but I am one of the most loyal I've seen all too many come and go
  7. lol nice its epic
  8. heck I'll change my old profile pic for this one (put the hat on top of the monitor)
  9. The video game faction that my nation is based on
  10. The story is single player I was referring to the mp pvp
  11. The story actually isn't bad but I think you just need a dedicated pvp group, it's great w/ friends. But I can understand why you dislike it coming from a traditional TES background
  12. I haven't actually lost a war yet
  13. mine is ESO but if I had to guess his is skyrim because who doesn't love skyrim
  14. Welcome to TKR ! as is a customary tradition I have I must ask, @cibence do you support the Enclave ?