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  1. Annnd his name iiiisssss... KEYES.

    Warlight is pretty good! Where in England do you live? I lived in Suffolk for a few years. I got Europa Universalis and it is pretty awesome, although I suck at it (probably because I always choose the worst possible countries to make it interesting, lol). oh yeah... Doo doo doo doooo
  2. Wow, just realized I misspelled my name on here. *EPIC FACEPALM*

    It is supposed to be Vitaris Liguritio.

    Whatever \_(-_-)_/

  3. I don't think anyone really uses this function of the site, but I felt like I should post something every once in a while here. I am very glad to be assigned military auditor, and to reach rank Crewleader. I hope that we can further forge a better relationship in the days to come, and that I get to more thoroughly meet some of The Knights Radiant's older members.

  4. Vitaris Liguritio

    I am 18 and majoring in History, Political Science, and Gender/ Women Studies. Moved around a lot, living in Europe for part of my childhood, but I currently reside in northern New York. I am pretty awesome, just look to the left for further information, haha. Wow, I really should do a better job with this, but most of you know who I am by now, or will get to know me eventually, haha.
  5. This is a pretty cool site. This organisation is very commendable.