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  1. Interest in STW

    Game looks neat I'm down
  2. Forum Fighters honorary member

    Those are the only words to that song I know lmao
  3. Who would win in a war 5

    The US defense budget is larger than the rest of the top 12 countries (In terms of defense budget) COMBINED. They would have no issue with it, with nukes would be a different story, in that no one wins

    "I think we should roleplay FARK or NPO or UPN and act out what we think it would be like to have less coordination than TKR and actually lose in a war..." - @Patrick MacFarlane
  5. Electoral College

    It is actually slightly different, as in smaller states you can win with 51% and get 2 out of 3 votes etc. @Ryan Miller
  6. Electoral College

    I think the electoral college should stay but it shouldn't be winner take all in a state, the votes should be divided based on the popular vote in that state
  7. Should the US adopt a single payer system?

    There is no valid reason to not have single payer.
  8. Should the government bail out banks?

    I say that if they get bailed out they should have to pay it back and after multiple occasions have to pay like 10% more back and then if even more occur, it would be shut down, but really the government should own them anyway
  9. Should college be free?

    In the US it's so expensive that most people get loans that they likely won't be able to pay back for a long time. It's either be crippled by debt or stress your brain to insanity in high school to try to get enough scholarships to pay for it.
  10. Should college be free?

    My education should not be someone else's profit
  11. Should the US repeal the 2nd amendment?

  12. What instrument do you guys play?

    I'm an all-state Double Bassist and I'm also pretty good at guitar and bass guitar. I can kinda play piano and I used to play violin
  13. Best Brass Instrument

    Only including the most popular ones
  14. Best Orchestral Stringed Instrument

    It can get by but it's always terrible without them all (Except harp since it's rarely used unless it's in a very large symphony). Without Violins, no high voice. No Violas? No cool mid range stuff, probably less interesting chords. No Cellos? A majority of the low voice is missing. Plus they sound great. No Basses? The backbone of the orchestra is missing. They sound beautiful if played correctly and when they get cool stuff, it is amazing. Without them all the music is incomplete, PLUS professional orchestras don't need a conductor at all, if you're good you can do anything without one. The concert master (Principal Violin) controls the start of the piece and the Principal Bass determines tempo most of the time.
  15. Best Orchestral Stringed Instrument

    I know a lot about all the instruments listed (Not too much on the harp). I played the Violin for 5 years before switching to Bass and I consider it the best decision I've ever made. That's just my opinion though