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  1. But slack is conversation friendly
  2. Not
  3. I am 18 cities with out power? A person who doesn't know his facts.
  4. uhhhh... not myself
  5. a liar
  6. A person who is acting like they want to see me rotting in hell
  7. One who gives great descriptions of people.
  8. A person who died by snakes?
  9. You are crazier then I thought. Giving up your income like that...
  10. This is so unfair
  11. The reason I am not helping it is because I am dehydrated from the hot sun and I am hallucinating that I flipped a tortoise on its back.
  12. How is having a weapon of mass destruction going to make the world a saver place? The only thing that can disrupt our safety is us. So if we are going to end up killing ourselves by the hundreds of thousands, I would prefer if it didn't harm our environment as well.
  13. I am 17 going up to 18 in may
  14. Violin is hands down the best. You people don't know what you are talking about?