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  1. Chris Walling Asshole Depends on the day and who is talking to me. I don't suspect most of those require much explanation
  2. Finding a better game than P&W

    Don't do this to me, bro
  3. How old are you?

    21 is overrated. Plus, I'm not 21, I'm 27. So, 27 is the best.
  4. How old are you?

    27 is the age to be
  5. Vacation

    I think that you're thinking of the middle east (I'm a bad person, please don't hurt me)
  6. Blizzard Games

    Yes, I am that Doriavan guy.
  7. Blizzard Games

    Yes, I saw you at plat 2. I was trying to convince myself that that was totally silver.
  8. Blizzard Games

    I'm mostly just curious to see who here plays Overwatch, HotS, WoW, D3, SC2, etc? I figured I few people here must play these games, but I don't know who so why not ask.
  9. CIV 6

    They're making cities all sorts of crazy. This'll be interesting.
  10. Debate

    The US owns a large portion of the base infrastructure. You can look to ICANN as an example of that. There was some talk about other nations taking on some of that, but I don't know how far it went. However a large number of security certs, root DNS, and generic carriers would probably disappear. It would definitely have a *large* impact on global internet traffic.

    And with that, I'll take my moneh, plz.
  12. Poll 3/22/16

    Done a lot of trips up to GenCon. Done a few up to NY.
  13. Black Desert Online

    MMOs just... end up being so long and time consuming.

    I have UNC, Virginia, and Duke. My last was Nova. I didn't *mean* to end up with that format, it just sort of happened.

    My final four are all still in