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  1. 21 is overrated. Plus, I'm not 21, I'm 27. So, 27 is the best.
  2. 27 is the age to be
  3. I think that you're thinking of the middle east (I'm a bad person, please don't hurt me)
  4. Yes, I am that Doriavan guy.
  5. Yes, I saw you at plat 2. I was trying to convince myself that that was totally silver.
  6. I'm mostly just curious to see who here plays Overwatch, HotS, WoW, D3, SC2, etc? I figured I few people here must play these games, but I don't know who so why not ask.
  7. They're making cities all sorts of crazy. This'll be interesting.
  8. The US owns a large portion of the base infrastructure. You can look to ICANN as an example of that. There was some talk about other nations taking on some of that, but I don't know how far it went. However a large number of security certs, root DNS, and generic carriers would probably disappear. It would definitely have a *large* impact on global internet traffic.
  9. And with that, I'll take my moneh, plz.
  10. Done a lot of trips up to GenCon. Done a few up to NY.
  11. MMOs just... end up being so long and time consuming.
  12. I have UNC, Virginia, and Duke. My last was Nova. I didn't *mean* to end up with that format, it just sort of happened.
  13. My final four are all still in
  14. I'm... surprised at the selections.
  15. I think I'm at 11... Charleston -> Anderson Anderson -> Buffalo, NY Buffalo, NY -> Pelzer, SC Pelzer -> Piedmont Piedmont -> Piedmont Piedmont -> Clemson (Apartment, not including dorms from before this. Four more moves if you count into dorms, out of dorms every year. Four *more* if you count the same for a residential high school for two years) Clemson -> Clemson (Apartment) Clemson -> Piedmont (Home) Piedmont -> Apartments (My own) Apartments -> Rental House Rental House -> Purchased House And yes, I'm still *really* bad at moving efficiently.