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  1. I'll just use a jumbo phone over a tablet.
  2. how dare you try to whitewash history
  3. the three ladies of tkr in before @Nizam Adrienne gets upset because i'm being too nice to her again
  4. we have way too many teenagers wtf
  5. I don't have EU4 so I'd prefer Stellaris
  6. Italians singing in English?!
  7. It's February dammit I need to be freezing I finally moved back to New Orleans and it's hotter now than it is in July back up in Wisconsin. Why does god hate me
  8. hace frío ahí? it's 85 degrees here (like 31 C) and i'm melting mittens y'all know queen ain't my mistress, i can do what i want
  9. this but unironically Round 2 of house inspections today. Gonna hammer out some more details this evening. Are you still in the jungle?
  10. Hey, Adrienne. I've been alright. Had some shit go down in real life. How're you? tell creepy to poach me new phone who dis hey bb
  11. do me bitch, make your own title for me thx
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