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  1. Hail!

    i dont know who you are but yu sound ok
  2. Introduction: Tevron

    Why are you a weeaboo
  3. Habitat Reintroduction

    I'm Infinite Citadel, and this is my shitboard. I live here with my old fluffer and my gay lover, "Big" Lordship. Everyone in here has a story and asks me for legs. One thing I've learned after [age of IC] years - you never know WHAT Sargun's gonna shitpost next.
  4. Habitat Reintroduction

  5. Kayser Intro

  6. Kayser Intro

    I think Chey.
  7. Crybanker

    This is the shitpost we aspire to have
  8. Alex Taylor

    I like it, let's do this.
  9. Sargun

    22 year old computer repairman who just got out of a significant relationship and who lost his job and is possibly moving across the country.