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  1. I'll just use a jumbo phone over a tablet.
  2. how dare you try to whitewash history
  3. the three ladies of tkr in before @Nizam Adrienne gets upset because i'm being too nice to her again
  4. we have way too many teenagers wtf
  5. Italians singing in English?!
  6. do me bitch, make your own title for me thx
  7. Ragnarok's is generic movie trash. The Spider-Man 2 trailer music? Really? NK's is generic metal trash. Sabaton is garbage music for weebs. Guardian's song is a classic, but considering how shitty they perform during war it might not be an ironic choice. Polaris' music, like their alliance, is derivative bilge. Vox Populi exists in PnW? auto-disqualifier Zeon using Unicorn's OST is sad. Unicorn is one of the worst Gundam series. CoS gets a negative for using rucka rucka ali in spite of being filled with SJWs who would yell frothing at the mouth if anyone sang his songs KT's is just racist bilge Valkyrie's music is ... well, it's forgettable fantasy rock. Like if someone listened to Stairway to Heaven and wanted to make LOTR music but forgot that it has to be good Dark Brotherhood just ripped generic background music from an online game's DLC Basically the only one that's even a good song is Guardian's
  8. I'm interested in the responses. Let me know what you think of your local newspaper and your newspaper of records in the forum!
  9. Oh wait shit not that kind of down
  10. I'll go down for Queen M, yeah.
  11. valar morghulis but unironically
  12. Your opinion is wrong and you should feel wrong
  13. I know a lot of girls who are both naughty and nice, what does that make them?
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