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  1. I'm interested but it depends on how long you expect each session to be. Sunday is the best day for this kind of thing for me so it may very well work out!
  2. I am Unity was such a fantastic moment. I remember I had to stop reading and take a breather shortly before the big moment. Things looked bleak for damn near every character. Adolin was stabbed in the gut, Kaladin and Shallan were out of Stormlight facing six fused. Szeth and Lift were struggling to keep Nightblood under control without his sheath. Renarin saw the future; Jasnah kills him and Dalinar has fallen to Odium. Jasnah was just about to kill Renarin. Dalinar had just been virtually destroyed by Odium. I couldn't see an out but I should have trusted Sanderson. It blew me away. Dalinar flashbacks had some great moments, like him walking out into the highstorm to get his knife he thought he'd lent someone. NO MATING! Most of the bridge four scenes I thought were great. I was so happy when Hobber finally was able to glow. Learning more about Rock and seeing his family was great. The moment when Lopen finally reached the third ideal. Oathbringer just had too many good moments to list them all, but one of my favorites was definitely this: "They looked out at the street and found Kaladin approaching along with what seemed to be an army of five or six hundred men, wearing the uniforms of the Wall Guard. Adolin sighed softly. 'Of course. He’s probably their leader now or something. Storming bridgeboy.'"
  3. Two of my favorite songs about war. Both by Iron Maiden and two very different points in their career.
  4. @Micchan more Italian music, please Being an American mutt I don't really have any culture to share. Except maybe Seattle grunge, that's pretty relevant to my life, growing up in the Seattle area in the '90s. My wife is Cambodian so I'll share this: According to my father-in-law it's about loving a woman. And how, when you love a woman, you must giver her your all. Something like that.
  5. I really enjoy me some Greta! It's kind of insane how similar their singer sounds to Robert Plant in certain ranges. Honestly, Led Zeppelin is a front-runner for my favorite band of all time. While I know there will never be a band quite like them again, several of Greta Van Fleet's songs scratch the itch that Zeppelin does. Those dudes have a bright future ahead, for sure.
  6. Who doesn't love METAL!? Most people is the answer to that question. Anyway, here you go: And for something complete different in pretty much every way: I love music, like a lot. I may come here frequently in the future.
  7. Yeah, it's impossible to pick my favorite characters, honestly. I love Dalinar, Kaladin and Jasnah for obvious reasons. I love reading Rysn's chapters because they expand the world in interesting ways and I'm really looking forward to see what Chiri-Chiri becomes. You know, I was trying not to be cliche with my answer but: Oathbringer helped me through a really tough time in my life and I still quote this to myself daily to help me get by:
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