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  1. Natinator66


    YNWA is all I'm gonna say Also, digging up this old thread cuz football/soccer is life (and I haven't been here in a while)
  2. Natinator66

    January Book of the Month: The Way of Kings

    I've been waiting for book 3 for forever……
  3. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    Sorry bout that lads, lost track of events Have fun!
  4. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    I would totes pick someone I don't have a history with, if I thought he/she was someone opposing me Also, I wanna be a Windrunner
  5. Natinator66

    Poll 3/21/16

    1. Paralysis 2. Normal me
  6. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    If Alex Taylor is mafia, I'm poaching him into my dip team
  7. Natinator66

    Warlight Rp Game

    You guys aren't using fog?
  8. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    Vote Robert E Lee because he needs to be a diplomat so we can have an FA party @OO Also cuz he voted IC who is bae
  9. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    In mafia games I've played, mafia tend to distract people with idle talk so they get distracted and forget to lynch people It works particularly well in early rounds /me looks at @Infinite Citadel
  10. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Night 5

    Confirm Let the mind games begin inb4 the rest of Orbis steps in and wrecks our nations while we're busy cowering at night
  11. Natinator66

    War on Terrorism Mafia Signups (0/15)

    Is there room for one more?
  12. Natinator66

    Poll 3/7/16

    Football/soccer My feet itch 90% of the time to play
  13. Natinator66

    Warlight Rp Game

    In that case, I think Bear's ahead on that one You'll get there in a few turns though lol At this point I'd normally do a Bear on my most worthy opponent lol
  14. Natinator66

    Warlight Rp Game

    Most likely, unless you and Cenna converge on him at once lol, and/or Bear somehow magically makes his way there It's a really interesting FFA though