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  1. Ohshit son you haven't even begun yet. Edit- Was so right the forum posted it twice
  2. Ohshit son you haven't even begun yet.
  3. What episode are you on?
  4. Your quote made my see my typo; thanks. Side note, congratz on tournament mode. I heard you won.
  5. Just remember, he did nothing wrong.
  6. I can see this song playing in an Italian high school romance film. During some montage of sorts
  7. Shin Sekai is mai fav of all time. Keep watching it
  9. Lime is for Italian Ice not Ice Cream. Lime ice cream is blasphemous
  10. These are all fake flavors right? Are you guys meming? Patrician choice my good sir. Second Fav is French Vanilla.
  11. You luck out this time Deus... Poop. Guess there is more of an even chance for everyone to die then >Redfive dies trying to protect Adrienne Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....
  12. Neat, polearm means I have no shield right? RIP. Deus is going to die first. Bannermen never live for long...
  13. For those of us who are lazy, mind giving a brief description of them and why you think they would be good candidates for us to spread to :). Please and danke.
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