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  1. Hello

    Welcome to TKR Fernando
  2. Hello, people!

    Sup brah, welcome
  3. Introduction of me

    Better dead than red
  4. Salutations!

    Hmm, another commie. This is interesting... Welcome
  5. NEW! Glorious State of Sojia

    I like you. Welcome. Glory to the revolution.
  6. Introduction: Ryan Miller :>

    Welcome bro. Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself NUT...TELL..AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Sup ML and welcome
  8. Ya, we're mostly Americans here but I think I should clarify anyways. What are your thoughts on the brief but busy first few days of the Trump Administration? Things you agree with, disagree with and thoughts on the Administration going forward.
  9. So here is my short and simple intro

    Sup Riddle, name is inspire from HP? Also, Miami is a lovely city.
  10. What happened to the Romans

    Hmm, so do you consider your cultural identity more closely tied to your region or Italy? Is is I am "insert city/state/province"nese first and Italian second or vice versa?
  11. What happened to the Romans

    So it was more of an idea of Romaness as a unifying culture rather than an actual ethnic people. I guess thats why so many non latins still considered themselves sucessors of Rome. If classical Italy was a group of different people living in the same region. At what point do modern day Italians go back before they consider those people ethnically Italian. When the country was founded? Or some point before that?
  12. So, this topic was something I've always wondered about and since we have a couple of Italians as members maybe they can bring some insight to this question. So, are modern Italians the closest to the Italian Romans that lived under the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire and how exactly did that transition from Roman to Italian go?
  13. Introducing myself

    Heya Franie, welcome to the alliance you can keep @Micchancompany
  14. I'm new

    Sup Smalls. welcome :). CE sounds like a pretty cool major