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  1. I typed the number blaze it and look what happened... Smart forum! 42
  2. What affects you, however, is all this freakin' confetti from P&W's 2nd birthday. You choke on it and now you iz dead so the throne is mine.
  3. I decide to bring Rook some "food" from Arby's. He eats it and immediately starts turning purple. Rook ends up being taken to the ER, with a sever case of food poisoning. I then seize the opportunity to claim ownership of the hill and hire Bill Clinton and Paris Hilton as security guards. I order them to position themsleves in startegic spots. Their deadly combination of STDs forms an impenetrable barrier that prevents anyone, who doesn't wanna get infected, from invading my hill.
  4. If Cenna ain't active enough, shouldn't we try to rename the thread? Like, "Count to 30 before (active forumer name) posts". 25
  5. I make a phone call. A few minutes later Rook sees his car getting towed, coz it was parked illegally. Rook starts to make a run for it, attempting to catch the tow truck before it leaves with his car. During his absence I take control of the hill and surround myself with Jeovah's wtinesses (the best defense possible), so no one comes close with fear of being approached by them. Me hill nao!
  6. I had to create this thread 3 times in another forum, coz the first 2 got locked.
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