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  1. introducation

    You can request phase 1 aid since you've joined slack. For the next aid after that you need 700 infra in all 3 of your cities and your improvements should be alright. With the money I've sent you from the objectives that should be doable though. Otherwise you can apply for phase 1 aid as well. Please note, however, that aid is to be requested in the aid request thread but NOT the objectives thread.
  2. Hello!

    Who's your boss ingame?
  3. Greetings from Talus

    As far as I know GPA also used to exist in this game. It has been succeeded by The Commonwealth though.
  4. Qovvo!

    Qovvo seems to be the right kind of name to have if you talk about yourself in the third person singular. Welcome!
  5. Hey, Agent here

    Click on your profile and then click "Edit profile". Where it says "Nation Link" click on the button "Link" which is next to the underlined "U". There it says "URL" and "Link text". Type in your URL and below that the name of your nation.