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  1. Mitsuru

    Is it or is it not?

    I think it's a film that happens to be set around christmas time but I don't think it's a christmas film.
  2. Mitsuru

    Picky Eater Test

    Brussel sprouts and cauliflower are not really part of a German christmas dinner. ^^ Also those two and spinach give me stomach cramps.
  3. Mitsuru

    Picky Eater Test

    I'm not even sure which of the things I've listed belong on a christmas dinner in your opinion. I don't think our christmas traditions are the same. ^^
  4. Mitsuru

    Picky Eater Test

    8 Don't like: Blue cheese, oysters, snails, coffee, pickles, olives Can't eat (as I get sick from it): Brussel sprouts, cauliflower
  5. Mitsuru

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    Watch: Football/Soccer Play: Badminton
  6. Mitsuru

    Anime & Manga

    Really loved Conan for a long time. Especially when I was a kid. I even have 61 of the mangas at home. But over the years I've lost interest because the entire series is just so slow. The story progresses so slowly and instead of solving some of the mysteries he's introduced, he only adds even more new characters. The anime has an abundance of filler espisodes that never appear in the manga and it also seems like most cases could be solved faster if Aoyama would skip those parts that are clearly just meant to lengthen the process between a murder occurring and Conan solving it. Also nice to read something from you here Mari. So far one hasn't heard much of you.
  7. Mitsuru

    Anime & Manga

    I always read everything you two write in here about anime. Especially micchan's ratings.
  8. Mitsuru

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

  9. Mitsuru

    Mid year awards part6

    Newcomer: Rei Ayanami Player: IC
  10. Mitsuru

    Mid Year awards part 5

    Best forum topic: Hunger Games 2 Best forum post: Micchan's 4 different versions Best meme: None. But since I have to I'm going with the one I nominated: Lordship's professions.
  11. Mitsuru

    Mid year awards part 4

    Given that I don't vote anywhere for myself (except for most active) Best low gov: sojourner Best high gov: Adrienne Most improved: Josh