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  1. I don't have a tablet and never had one. I never thought it was worth it from my position.
  2. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the artifical island of Odaiba in the Bay of Tokyo. Naturally the replica is much smaller than the actual Statue of Liberty (I speak from experience as I have stood next to both) but the statue is actually not there because of the one in New York. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris on Île aux Cygnes. This replica was borrowed for a year in 1998 to Japan to celebrate Franco-Japanese relations. It was put on Odaiba where it turned out to be so popular that the city decided to make a replica of the replica in Paris and put it on Odaiba permanently.
  3. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (明石海峡大橋) is a suspension bridge that connects the city of Kobe with Awaji Island about four kilometers away from the land. According to the guides it has the "longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world" which I think means the main span of the suspension parts. It was completed in 1998 and is almost exactly 4000 meters long. Before the bridge was built, ferries would carry people from Kobe to Awaji Island or the other way round. However, the narrow part between both sides is dangerous and tormented by many storms. In the 1950s, two ferries sank in the waters between Awaji and Kobe, killing over 160 people. Therefore, plans were made for a bridge. Originally, the two towers were exactly 1990 meters apart. However, when only the towers had been built but not the rest of the bridge, the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake (more commonly known as Kobe Earthquake) occured in 1995. It killed over 5000 people and caused massive destruction in the city. The earthquake also moved the two towers about one meter apart so that there are now about 1991 meters between them. Taken on March 14th, 2019.
  4. I shall be posting a new picture within the next couple of days following my return to Tokyo tomorrow. I am currently still in Osaka.
  5. I'm personally untouched by the deaths of those people because I didn't know them and it's not like I was anybody's fan. Also most of them were really old so they just reached their time. I voted Avicii, however, due to his young age and the circumstances of his death which are both sad.
  6. You people have fun. I won't be able to make any of those days.
  7. Yes it would be. Not to mention that one of the largest talking points of leave voters, immigration, is something the UK could've been much stricter about than they actually were. Leavers just painted it as if they were not able to because of the EU itself. On top of that, the UK had many extra rights other EU countries didn't have because they were always skeptical but an important partner. So everyone else gave them a special treatment. Not to mention that the leave campaign has breached spending laws, has used the help of Cambridge Analytica and is accused of collaborating with Russia. The pound has fallen more than 10% since the referendum and the British economy is forecasted to possibly shrink by 2-4% in case of a Deal Brexit and 9-10% in case of a No-Deal Brexit. The UK is quite possibly the only country in the world that is imposing economic sanctions on itself.
  8. I only played RCT2 but that one a lot.
  9. The cities were tiny, they originally introduced the game without the ability to play it while you're off the internet, the game had horrific bugs - especially the traffic which they completely messed up and then tried to fix with DLCs for which you had to pay money. Paying money to get bugs fixed in a game for which you already paid like what? 40$? 50$? 60$? Ridiculous.
  10. I played Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4 and enjoyed them a lot especially when I was younger. I actually still have Sim City 3000 on my laptop. I didn't play the one from 2013 or 2014 or whenever it was anymore because I watched videos and read some tests about it and decided for myself that they had ruined the entire series with it.
  11. Owakudani is a volcanic valley in Kanagawa Prefecture. A local specialty are the black eggs (kuro-tamago). They might look like the infamous fermented thousand year eggs people know from China but are actually regular chicken eggs. Since Owakudani has active volcanoes, there are a lot of hot springs in this region made from water that is naturally heated by the magma. This water is rich in sulfur and iron. The eggs are laid into water of about 80°C (176°F) where they soak up the water. The sulfur and iron react with the calcium that is in the eggshells which results in iron sulfide which sticks to the shell and turns it black. Since the temperature of the water is not yet high enough to actually harden it, it is steamed for another fifteen minutes. Eating these eggs is supposed to give good luck. It is said that eating one will add seven years to your lifespan while eating more than two and a half might do the opposite. So don't you be too greedy.
  12. Tochigi Prefecture is famous for yuba. When tofu is made, soy milk is boiled and in that process, a skin forms on the liquid surface of the milk. This skin is collected and dried which basically makes it finished yuba (which is also called tofu skin). It's actually not proper tofu but tastes similar and has a similar texture. Usually, you can buy tofu skin like thicker pieces of paper in stores but in Tochigi they are rolled up to rings that are then prepared and put in all kinds of food. Often as a replacement for meat. The above portrayed dish is usually called "Oyakodon". A sauce made with egg and chicken on top of a bowl of rice. However in this particular case, the chicken was replaced with yuba.
  13. Are we talking display or menu? Because there's a bunch of preinstalled shit in the menu I can't delete. If we only talk about the main display, then it's only one.
  14. lordship wears sweatpants, sandals and a hoodie 98% of the time
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