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  1. what about legs? Do you realise you are in an alliance with a serious leg cult and you make a poll about transport and not include legs. This doesn't bode well for you friend. You might go missing (without your legs).
  2. I came looking for spoilers - was disappointed.
  3. While he was a better alternative than the criminal Clinton I have to say that he has sorted out nothing in North Korea - It's a usual game the North Koreans play - offering to make changes for concessions and then returning to what they do. NK will never give up their nuclear weapon for it quarantees their independence. As to syria, he has been even less effective only managing to bomb the bombed to shit country for an alledged chemical attack. Fucking up DAESH hasn't got much to do with him being president. The man has no policies other than the wall and is willing to flip-flop on nearly anything of relevance (not deporting illegal immigrants etc).
  4. Deus

    Potentially Story

    I found the random mining video... ...very random. Go on @Kosonome
  5. Deus

    Potentially Story

    go on... @Kosonome
  6. I've been married - coming up on 8 years and been together with the wife for 11 years. I strongly believe in long term relationships. I'm at 31%
  7. As things are with things that are too big and constructed for only one purpose.
  8. How in the fuck is the international able to supply that number of men in the middle East? And how is it possible that those men still have fighting spirit left? Mysteries of Darkest Hour I suppose.
  9. You should get the set of Poirot TV series/TV movies that have all of the Poirot stories. They started making these in 1988 and finished in 2013, the main cast remained the same with the wonderful David Suchet in the role of Poirot. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094525/
  10. Aww Me and my glorous legs shall rise again.
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