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  1. CK2 Start - 769: Dublin, Ireland (This is the earliest screenshot I have from my saves - ~800 and France is united/the muslim world has fractured a tad). CK2 Major Events: I united Ireland, became a republic, and decided I wouldn't expand too much in CK2 (figured that would make for a more fun EU4/Vicky II/HOI4 experience). I ended up taking the Canary Islands and Iceland to ensure Atlantic supremacy. I spent most of the game toying with the Republic Mechanics and fighting for the stability of Christian Europe via Crusades or Jihad Defense. I took Spain in a Crusade and released it once it was strong enough, Portugal ended up splitting off later on. Syria is probably the strongest nation in the game at the end of my CK2 play through. The Byzantine Empire disappeared early on (taken over by the Avars) and was replaced by the Constantinople Empire. The Swiss Band controls Northern Germany, and the Teutonic Order controls a sizeable portion of Finland. CK2 End - 1444: EU4 Start (shows conversion results) - 1444: EU4 Major Events: I went into EU4 wanting to colonize the major islands in the Atlantic and play the trade game/equalizer. It became clear after a few years that Scotland was going to wreck me if I didn't take them out first, so I decided to alter my strategy and take over the British Isles. During one of my early wars with Scotland, I made a critical mistake and let my ally at the time (Spain) get wrecked by Burgundy while I took care of Scotland - this resulted in a massive Central European Nation. To make matters worse, they ended up allying with some of the other major players around them, so I couldn't play diplomacy and take them down properly. I needed more manpower to hold my own against them, so I went heavy on the colonization. I'm posting a culture map as well because Spain was primarily Irish (due to my CK2 Crusade to release them). By 1821, Syria was still a massive empire in Central Asia, Burgundy controlled most of Central/Western Europe + Northern Spain, Mali became a power in their own right in West Africa, Egypt controlled most of Mediterranean Africa, and Sicily controlled most of the Aegean. Spain suffered many defeats on the Iberian Peninsula, but still controlled a large colonial empire in South America. Constantinople lost a lot of their historical lands, but managed to take advantage of the power vacuum in Eastern Europe to keep stay relevant. Surprisingly, the Swiss Band and Teutonic Order are still going strong by the end of EU4. California was controlled by the Deccan Empire/India, with most of Oceania colonized by various Asian nations. EU4 End Map - 1822: Victoria 2 Start - 1836: Victoria 2 Major Events: With my great defensive positioning, I focused early on Industrialization, took a lead, and never looked back. I lost to Communist rebels probably 20 years in, and that helped a lot with spamming factories (They lost later on though - I'm a democracy going into HOI4). My goal this play through was to contain Burgundy, and I did so fairly effectively (controlling the seas + dumping massive amounts of troops into Dunkirk worked like a charm). I returned a lot of their Spanish lands back to Spain early on, then I returned a lot of Aquitaine's lands - unfortunately Burgundy ended up adding Aquitaine to their Sphere of Influence. I didn't think I could keep winning against them due to the makeup of our allies (at the time they had Mali/Aquitaine, I had Spain, and we shared Sicily as a mutual ally, so it leaned in their favor-it did not help that two of my most powerful colonial nations in the West Indies and Irish States of America gained Great Power Status and no longer were my puppets). I attacked them in desperation to create balance in Europe, and won/released the North German Federation - I swiftly attacked the Swiss Band and Bohemia liberating the North German Federation in order to make them stronger/able to withstand Burgundy on their Western Front. While this proved successful, Burgundy had an A+ diplomatic game, and maintained alliances with Mali and a resurgent Constantinople. An event fired around 1900 in which Irish Rebels rose up in Spain and South America, calling for a unification of our kingdoms - I accepted and Spain + all of our colonies were folded into the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough to win the First Great War in 1929 (UK/Sicily/West Indies/NSF/Aquitaine v. Burgundy/Mali/Burgundian Mexico/Ajuuran(Central Africa)/Constantinople). Syria is still strong as hell, India is a force to be reckoned with, Burgundy is no longer OP (but still a threat), and Constantinople managed to make a resurgence and is a major player now. I'm pissed because Vicky ends 1/1/1936, and I just secured an alliance with Syria (they had the strongest army/I was going to get revenge for the first Great War -- Germany/Sicily couldn't hold up against two fronts). Victoria 2 End - 1936 (I am red now): HOI4 soon I guess (going to learn on the fly, I've only done the tutorial lol)
  2. this is correct - I'm near the end of my vicky game now
  3. This didn't go as planned - I started as Ireland and stuck with it but didn't have time to do a proper AAR. I'll grab some screenshots and summaries soon (I'm currently in the year 1906 as Ireland).
  4. I'm allied to Denmark while I try to take Muscovy down a notch :v
  5. The Players: Hooves - Ottomans Fanag - Castille Lordship - Portugal Seeker - France Koso - Hamburg Smith - Sweden Infinite - Poland Hippo - England Bear - The Papal States (turning Poland Protestant since 1444) No Map of the Start. My strategy in the first of the two sessions: regain lost territory and strengthen what I have: Next up: expanding my borders - I noticed Novgorod was still alive and next to me, so I might as well cut into Muscovy's future expansion: Next up: reconquering Moldova/Wallachia and getting to the Black Sea: I had some time to regroup and wait for truces to expires, so in the mean time I tried to help Koso with his coalition war: Now, for the Teutonic Order and the Baltics: I granted some of the provinces to Lithuania to reduce my own extension/coring cost. Map at the end of last week's session/beginning of yesterday's session: I spent the first portion of yesterday's session building up my econ and restoring my manpower, then I hit the Teutons: I finished Quantity and boosted my force limit, so I decided to build a stronger army: In anticipation of a war with Muscovy, which is not going great right now: I think I'll be able to fight Muscovy to a stalemate, then take some territories from the Livonian order, but we shall see in the next session.
  6. The Players: Hooves - Ottomans Fanag - Castille Lordship - Portugal Seeker - France Koso - some random OPM (bremen? Hamburg?) Smith - Sweden Infinite - Poland Hippo - England Bear - The Papal States (turning Poland Protestant since 1444) My Starting Spot: I fought a war with the Teutonic Order and went full retard in my peace deal (over extended/formed a coalition/didn't take the provinces needed so that I could form the PLC): Map at this point: THE BETRAYAL OF CATHOLICISM - tl dr, Bear funded rebels and killed my man power: Just in time for the coalition war against me : Luckily I still managed to annex Moldavia before they were released (what?). Hungary declared war on me while I was weak and I fought them to White Peace (only have 1 ss, ended up winning this battle when that 2k stack joined me): I have one other screenshot of England getting hit by a coalition war as well, I think Hippo had to cede his French territories in that one:
  7. I'm going to do another AAR, this time with a twist - I'm going to switch countries by vote at certain time points: 769 - Start of AAR 1000 - Switch #1 1200 - Switch #2 1400 - Switch #3 EU4 - Final Switch Poll for starting spots (post response) Ingria - Single Province in the Baltics Kiev - Two provinces/duchy in Eastern Europe Desmond - Single Province in Southern Ireland (I'd do a Republic, since I surprisingly haven't tried that play style yet) Marrakech - two provinces in northern africa (I haven't played as muslim yet/could be interesting) Turkish Steppes - 4 province Duchy (I haven't played as a nomad yet)
  8. 2015-2017 (Deleted in a forum mishap apparently)
  9. I admittedly took the tiers from a paradox subreddit :v
  10. Could go as a secondary power in the HRE (Brandeburg/Bohemia/Savoy etc) - it doesn't look like we have anyone in the HRE right now. I'm personally trying to decide between Castille and Poland - will see how everyone else chooses I suppose
  11. Post which rule set you want to see (and the country you'd like) and that's what we'll go with. Going to try and throw together some base rules. We can do this a few ways: No rules on who to pick/ally - start in Europe/ME and go from there. Rules on who to start/reroll as - no rules on who to ally. Rules on who to start/reroll as - Tier One/Major Powers may only have one other Tier One Ally and one Tier Two Ally (going by starting spots). Tier One Nations - The major players - don't choose if you're going to miss out every other session. Tier Two Nations - Secondary Powers - Reroll nations/more of a challenge for people.
  12. We're going to try and start another round tomorrow at 10 pm EST
  13. The last two days have had poor showings (myself included) - do we want to switch days of the week and go again? If so what days work for everyone? Mondays/Wednesdays work best for me
  14. Sorry, I meant to post 2 (thought it was 3, double checked if Afghanistan was on the list, then changed it to 2). Should've just read WSJ rather than going through a bunch of wikipedia pages Also my timeline was since the year 2000
  15. fwiw I looked it up yesterday and found 3 terrorist attacks involving individuals from the 7 countries he banned (2 Somalian/1 Iranian iirc). Pipeline/TPP I agree with him so far. Borderwall seems pointless/was handled terribly (some areas of the border already have meaningful walls, iirc the main problem now is tunnels going under the wall). I wasn't a huge fan of the ACA (it didn't go far enough imo), so I'll with hold judgement until I see the replacement plan (I'd predict I won't like it, but I'm ready to be surprised). The travel ban was dumb, either go full measure and throw in Saudi Arabia/UAE/Pakistan -- where most terrorists have actually come from, or don't do it on non allied muslim majority countries and come across as nothing but racist. My concern has been a lot of his appointees so far (Bannon/DeVos etc etc), and how poorly he's handled nearly every move he's made since he came into office. He won the election, lost the popular vote by 3 mil -- the country is extremely divided, you've got to handle yourself with tact if you want to win over people in the center/center left (Trump will never win over the Left/Far Left, just like Obama never won over the Right/Far Right etc). Instead, he's just strengthened the resolve of most that didn't vote for him and continued building that divide imo
  16. LEGS EMPIRE at the beginning of the game: LEGS EMPIRE now:
  17. I will play, depending on the steam sale price I may also forward your christmas spirit to 2 more people
  18. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille Poland - Emperor Penguin Austria Burgundy - Hippo England - Hooves The Start: Key Wars/Events I logged: Tuscany/France wars the Papal State to expand in Italy: Bear sells his South American Provinces to me so that he can focus on Canada: France fights a war against Burgundy after Denmark declared on GB (I hit the wrong button/had to fight as confedettori): France fights a war against Mainz (Mainz tried to conquer the french ally Switzerland): Tuscany makes a quick stop in Milan to take advantage of their isolation: France and Tuscany fight against the Eastern Bloc (Poland/Austria/Hungary/Lithuania) in defense of their ally in Genoa: All hope was lost for our Genoese neighbors, until Austria faced a central german coalition for their aggression, and their allies had to move north to counter. This left Austria's remaining army all alone in central Italy . The ensuing battle caused a moral victory for the Genoese forces, as they only had to pay 10% war reparations instead of losing any territories. English Civil War: With the Defender of the Catholic Faith (Poland) occupied, Austria in the middle of a coalition war, and Venice recovering from their own long and exhausting war, I decided now would be a good time to take on Venice for some valuable land. Additionally, Venice/Tuscany have two fo the larger navies in the game, this war will have a major impact on the future of naval warfare in the Mediterranean for the rest of the game: Finally, France started a war with Castille right as the session was ending: The Current State of the game:
  19. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille - Emperor Penguin Austria Burgundy - Hippo England - Hooves The Start: First up, let's remember where Darien left off as Austria: Seems like a good idea to switch an unharmed great power in Burgundy no? Anway: Russia/Bear try to take some of Scandinavia: THE LEAGUE WAR BEGINS: Koso is the victor: Bear still occupies a lot of sweden/finland: I didn't manage to grab a screenshot of the current state due to the game dropping (I'll edit one in tonight).
  20. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille - Emperor Penguin Austria - Hippo England - Hooves The Start Key Events: Tuscany forces the South American Trail of Tears - Austria loses the HRE to Pomerania/Koso: Russia Forms: THE RELIGIOUS LEAGUES FORM - KOSO V. HOOVES Tuscany tests its new army out on central Italy: Followed by a Coalition Forming: Years later, Aragon is still chilling in Brazil on their vacation: Austria tried to reconquer part of Venice (it did not go well): The Current State of the League: Note shown: Rin Conquered some of the Middle East Penguin tried to retake Aragon for Castille and was crushed - Aragon is probably the stronger power now. State of the World: State of IC's coalition:
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