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    TKR Leaderboard

    well done
  2. Black Mambo by Glass Animals (They're similar to Alt-J)
  3. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    fixed friend
  4. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    we're just training the next generation of online text based nation simulator leaders
  5. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 3

    How much did you get?
  6. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 3

    07/07/2018 09:57 am Murderess Micchan of Boku no Pico detonated a nuclear weapon in the nation of Hodor and eliminated 25 Resistance. The attack destroyed 164.88 infrastructure in the city of Hodor and 2 improvements. >nuking a city under 2k infra >nuking a city micchan soldier k/d: 2.2 micchan tank k/d: 3.4 micchan air k/d: 2.1 micchan ship k/d: 2.2 ic soldier k/d: 4.0 ic tank k/d: 5.6 ic air k/d: 3.2 ic ship k/d: 3.7 quality > quantity stats don't lie
  7. Infinite Citadel

    Mid Year awards part 5

    *first six words of catch ya on the flip side
  8. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 4

  9. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 3

    those k/d ratios tho
  10. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 3

    stats don't lie ic for best fighter
  11. Infinite Citadel

    Mid year awards part 2

    Hard choice between Mitsuru and Radoje for most active - neither of them sleep
  12. Infinite Citadel

    Almost Heaven, West Virginia

    Fallout 76 will be online multiplayer - we'll have a guild for sure
  13. Infinite Citadel

    Greta Van Fleet

    recently started listening to them and they're great, who else likes them?
  14. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Leaderboard

    too busy raiding arrgh to pad my stats for a handicap
  15. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Leaderboard

    one day you'll pass me, don't worry
  16. Infinite Citadel

    Poll of The Day (20/05/18)

    I primarily hear Laurel. If I think about the word yanny hard enough, then listen to the video I can hear yanny - but as soon as I look at the video and see the word laurel it reverts
  17. Infinite Citadel

    Paradox Releases

    Paradox is releasing a Rome game and a DLC for CK2 that actually looks worth buying: Rome: CK2 Features: CK2 DLC (customize your reformed pagan religion, random map generator) Screenshots: EU4 DLC Features:
  18. Infinite Citadel

    Paradox Releases

    Macedonia or bust
  19. Infinite Citadel

    Hello and Thank You in Advance for the Money

    win the raider of the week award and you'll get even more money
  20. Infinite Citadel


    Monday, May 14th at 8 pm we will be starting a TKR+friends paradox game, who's interested? DO NOT VOTE IF YOU DON'T HAVE EITHER GAME OR DON'T PLAN TO PARTICIPATE
  21. Infinite Citadel

    EU4 MP game #2

    Post which rule set you want to see (and the country you'd like) and that's what we'll go with. Going to try and throw together some base rules. We can do this a few ways: No rules on who to pick/ally - start in Europe/ME and go from there. Rules on who to start/reroll as - no rules on who to ally. Rules on who to start/reroll as - Tier One/Major Powers may only have one other Tier One Ally and one Tier Two Ally (going by starting spots). Tier One Nations - The major players - don't choose if you're going to miss out every other session. Tier Two Nations - Secondary Powers - Reroll nations/more of a challenge for people.
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    in b4 micchan
  24. Infinite Citadel

    It's meeeeee!

    Hope you enjoy it here
  25. Infinite Citadel

    Atomikz in a nutshell

    I think you'll fit in here. We have a lot of vets of CN (I quit, but started playing in 08, so I'm a nation sim 10 year vet in 9 days :v). We also have some parents in the alliance, so you'll have people to relate to~