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  1. @Fanag @Sargun @Lordship @Bear @Kosonome @RagnarBuliwyf @Azaghul @Radoje
  2. My exams end on December 13th, was hoping to get a Multiplayer Paradox game together for Sundays (I can commit for 5-6 sessions until mid January on Sunday). The question is which game to play? We've done EU4 successfully in the past, have tried Stellaris, but haven't tried HOI4.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/theknightsradiantpw <-- if you guys end up doing steam games
  4. Also you wish you could double post like me
  5. All it took was me deciding to go to law school, just another reason for people to hate lawyers I suppose
  6. we're just training the next generation of online text based nation simulator leaders
  7. 07/07/2018 09:57 am Murderess Micchan of Boku no Pico detonated a nuclear weapon in the nation of Hodor and eliminated 25 Resistance. The attack destroyed 164.88 infrastructure in the city of Hodor and 2 improvements. >nuking a city under 2k infra >nuking a city micchan soldier k/d: 2.2 micchan tank k/d: 3.4 micchan air k/d: 2.1 micchan ship k/d: 2.2 ic soldier k/d: 4.0 ic tank k/d: 5.6 ic air k/d: 3.2 ic ship k/d: 3.7 quality > quantity stats don't lie
  8. *first six words of catch ya on the flip side
  9. stats don't lie ic for best fighter
  10. Hard choice between Mitsuru and Radoje for most active - neither of them sleep
  11. I primarily hear Laurel. If I think about the word yanny hard enough, then listen to the video I can hear yanny - but as soon as I look at the video and see the word laurel it reverts
  12. Paradox is releasing a Rome game and a DLC for CK2 that actually looks worth buying: Rome: CK2 Features: CK2 DLC (customize your reformed pagan religion, random map generator) Screenshots: EU4 DLC Features:
  13. In PnW terms, it's the rest of the game's reaction every time we roll Arrgh
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