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  1. Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    Not my job anymore idk

    in b4 micchan
  3. Hail!

  4. Hi I am New to this gaem...

  5. Tebekar introduction

    Welcome to the alliance
  6. Thanks for the invite!

    Very nice, I'm a big fan of CK2/EU4 in particularly (we have a decent stellaris/HOI4 contingent in here as well). Make sure to post an application and I'll get you processed:
  7. Introduction

    nothing wrong with shit posting :v
  8. Intro: Dransland

  9. Greetings!

    I missed this while I was away - welcome to TKR and glad to see you here!
  10. Sorry, I meant to post 2 (thought it was 3, double checked if Afghanistan was on the list, then changed it to 2). Should've just read WSJ rather than going through a bunch of wikipedia pages Also my timeline was since the year 2000
  11. fwiw I looked it up yesterday and found 3 terrorist attacks involving individuals from the 7 countries he banned (2 Somalian/1 Iranian iirc). Pipeline/TPP I agree with him so far. Borderwall seems pointless/was handled terribly (some areas of the border already have meaningful walls, iirc the main problem now is tunnels going under the wall). I wasn't a huge fan of the ACA (it didn't go far enough imo), so I'll with hold judgement until I see the replacement plan (I'd predict I won't like it, but I'm ready to be surprised). The travel ban was dumb, either go full measure and throw in Saudi Arabia/UAE/Pakistan -- where most terrorists have actually come from, or don't do it on non allied muslim majority countries and come across as nothing but racist. My concern has been a lot of his appointees so far (Bannon/DeVos etc etc), and how poorly he's handled nearly every move he's made since he came into office. He won the election, lost the popular vote by 3 mil -- the country is extremely divided, you've got to handle yourself with tact if you want to win over people in the center/center left (Trump will never win over the Left/Far Left, just like Obama never won over the Right/Far Right etc). Instead, he's just strengthened the resolve of most that didn't vote for him and continued building that divide imo
  12. What's up?

    >Cardinals As a Reds fan, I think that makes us enemies
  13. New Members Introduction

    Another member for TKR's Southeast Asia group (I think we have a couple over there).
  14. Hi I'm Lizco

    Welcome to the alliance
  15. Post US Election 2016

  16. Hey guys new member here

    Make sure to post an application We're a pretty friendly alliance and I'd say we do one of the best jobs teaching new players how to play correctly and fight well.
  17. Oh

  18. Greetings

    @Lordship @LordStrum @Kayser iirc you guys all love anime
  19. Greetings

    ODN Glad to see you over here Razor -- make sure to join our Slack team
  20. Greetings!

    Welcome to the alliance and community
  21. Hey Everyone

    FA always needs help http://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/58-job-openings/
  22. Hey I am Ugur

    I really need to beat fallout 3 so I can play bioshock infinite lel
  23. Hello!

    Canada is great, I normally visit there once a year
  24. Hey Everyone

    Welcome to TKR, as you can tell from Slack we have decent activity