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  1. Mistborn - The Final Empire The Devil in the White City The Prince Os Maias In the Heart of the Sea War and Peace Foundation Utopia The Way of Kings
  2. I'll throw 10 mil at the person with the best record: AFC: Oakland Raiders v. Houston Texans Miami Dolphins v. Pittsburgh Steelers NFC: Detroit Lions v. Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers v. New York Giants My predictions:
  3. Congrats to Carnage on his first place finish! Carnage Emperor Penguin IC themadstork
  4. I will play, depending on the steam sale price I may also forward your christmas spirit to 2 more people
  5. damn, you are in desperate need of a TKR movie night
  6. damn 2000 was a good year for movies
  7. Tough call between American History X and The Big Lebowski for the first question - I ended up going with el duderino
  8. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille Poland - Emperor Penguin Austria Burgundy - Hippo England - Hooves The Start: Key Wars/Events I logged: Tuscany/France wars the Papal State to expand in Italy: Bear sells his South American Provinces to me so that he can focus on Canada: France fights a war against Burgundy after Denmark declared on GB (I hit the wrong button/had to fight as confedettori): France fights a war against Mainz (Mainz tried to conquer the french ally Switzerland): Tuscany makes a quick stop in Milan to take advantage of their isolation: France and Tuscany fight against the Eastern Bloc (Poland/Austria/Hungary/Lithuania) in defense of their ally in Genoa: All hope was lost for our Genoese neighbors, until Austria faced a central german coalition for their aggression, and their allies had to move north to counter. This left Austria's remaining army all alone in central Italy . The ensuing battle caused a moral victory for the Genoese forces, as they only had to pay 10% war reparations instead of losing any territories. English Civil War: With the Defender of the Catholic Faith (Poland) occupied, Austria in the middle of a coalition war, and Venice recovering from their own long and exhausting war, I decided now would be a good time to take on Venice for some valuable land. Additionally, Venice/Tuscany have two fo the larger navies in the game, this war will have a major impact on the future of naval warfare in the Mediterranean for the rest of the game: Finally, France started a war with Castille right as the session was ending: The Current State of the game:
  9. My last post got deleted with the forum roll back. @Floating Hippo has been eliminated @Keshaun1222 has been eliminated @Ulfric Stormcloak has been eliminated @Cenna has been eliminated The Playoff Picture: Results of the playoffs in week 1: @husker144 has been eliminated @Lordship has been eliminated @Sargun has been eliminated @Sam Adams has been eliminated Now, for the final four full of heavy weights:
  10. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille - Emperor Penguin Austria Burgundy - Hippo England - Hooves The Start: First up, let's remember where Darien left off as Austria: Seems like a good idea to switch an unharmed great power in Burgundy no? Anway: Russia/Bear try to take some of Scandinavia: THE LEAGUE WAR BEGINS: Koso is the victor: Bear still occupies a lot of sweden/finland: I didn't manage to grab a screenshot of the current state due to the game dropping (I'll edit one in tonight).
  11. let me know what exactly I need to do for you guys re: forums
  12. The Players: France - Fanag Muscovy - Bear Ottoman Empire - Rin Pomerania - Koso Tuscany - Infinite Citadel Castille - Emperor Penguin Austria - Hippo England - Hooves The Start Key Events: Tuscany forces the South American Trail of Tears - Austria loses the HRE to Pomerania/Koso: Russia Forms: THE RELIGIOUS LEAGUES FORM - KOSO V. HOOVES Tuscany tests its new army out on central Italy: Followed by a Coalition Forming: Years later, Aragon is still chilling in Brazil on their vacation: Austria tried to reconquer part of Venice (it did not go well): The Current State of the League: Note shown: Rin Conquered some of the Middle East Penguin tried to retake Aragon for Castille and was crushed - Aragon is probably the stronger power now. State of the World: State of IC's coalition:
  13. COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS BACK Looking for good games to watch? Edit: The formatting fucked up when I posted - no idea how to fix it 11/29/16 (both on ESPN): #22Syracuse #17Wisconsin 7:30 PM Michigan State #5Duke 9:30 PM 11/30/16 (UNC-IU is my game of the week) #15Purdue #14Louisville 7:15 PM #3North Carolina #13Indiana 9:15 PM 12/1/16 Cincinnati #19Iowa State 9:00 PM 12/2/16 Alabama Texas 9:30 PM 12/3/16 (UK-UCLA will be high scoring/tempo, fun game to watch) #11UCLA #1Kentucky 12:30 PM CBS #25West Virginia #6Virginia 2:00 PM #8Gonzaga #16Arizona 5:30 PM 12/4/16 - no games worth watching, watch football instead 12/5/16 (I expect this game to be a blow out, but it's a throw back to the glory days of the Big East) #22Syracuse Connecticut 7:00 PM 12/6/16 #24Florida #5Duke 9:00 PM Texas Michigan 9:00 PM 12/7/16 Davidson #3North Carolina 9:00 PM 12/8/16 #19Iowa State Iowa 8:00 PM 12/9/16 - No games worth watching 12/10/16 #2Villanova Notre Dame 12:00 PM CBS Cincinnati #18Butler 4:30 PM FS1 Michigan #11UCLA 8:00 PM 12/11/16 Tennessee #3North Carolina 5:00 PM Alabama #23Oregon 6:00 PM 12/12/16 - nothing 12/13/16 Temple #2Villanova 7:00 PM FS1 12/14/16 - nothing 12/15/16 - nothing 12/16/16 - nothing 12/17/16 - Nothing was played during the week, because this Saturday is the best CBB Saturday of late 2016 - UK v. UNC will be the game of the Non Conference imo). Texas A&M #16Arizona 12:00 PM Georgetown #22Syracuse 12:00 PM #15Purdue Notre Dame 2:00 PM Ohio State #11UCLA 3:00 PM CBS #18Butler #13Indiana 5:00 PM BTN #3North Carolina #1Kentucky 5:45 PM CBS 12/18/16 #8Gonzaga Tennessee 4:00 PM 12/19/16 Stanford SMU 9:00 PM 12/20/16 #10Creighton Arizona State 9:00 PM 12/21/16 (Go CATS) #1Kentucky #14Louisville 7:00 PM Northern Iowa #3North Carolina 8:00 PM Clemson #20South Carolina 9:00 PM 12/22/16 - nothing 12/23/16 Auburn Connecticut 2:30 PM 12/24/16 - no games played 12/25/16 - no games played 12/26/16 - nothing 12/27/16 Michigan State Minnesota 9:00 PM 12/28/16 #6Virginia #14Louisville TBD Providence #7Xavier 7:00 PM #11UCLA #23Oregon 9:00 PM Cincinnati Temple 9:00 PM 12/29/16 #24Florida Arkansas 7:00 PM 12/30/16 #21Rhode Island Saint Louis 7:00 PM #25West Virginia Oklahoma State 4:00 PM #9Baylor Oklahoma 7:00 PM #20South Carolina Memphis 9:00 PM 12/31/16 #7Xavier Georgetown 11:00 AM FS1 #14Louisville #13Indiana 12:30 PM CBS #2Villanova #10Creighton 1:00 PM FS1 Florida State #6Virginia 2:00 PM
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