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  1. Yeah, I can see that, but with a small dedication to it, modding it to look and sound and feel a lot better isn't that hard. I recommend you pick it up. If you do get it, I suggest buying gear from stores at the start, because just your character and the dagger you get at the start is going to be very weak against even the first enemies in the game.
  2. ah, no, sheogorath is definitely my favourite daedric prince by far, but I do personally prefer Talos as far as divines. However, peryite is a pretty cool prince, what with his powers over disease and what not.
  3. I have watched all of shoddycast's lore series and most of Zaric Zhacaron's lore series. They both seem to assume that Sheogorath is a daedric prince, but the circumstances of his creation are strange. Jygallag was, of course, the daedric prince of order, which meant that he knew what would happen before it had happened, and that made him by far the strongest daedric prince. To bring an end to his power, the daedric lords formed a daedric council, something that is extremely rare. The verdict was that Jygallag should be crippled, so all of the princes made alliance and beat the living hell out of Jygallag. After that, they made a curse thing with their combined power and dictated that Jygallag be transformed into who we know in-game as Sheogorath. However, Jygallag returns every new era and fucks shit up in the shivering isles. *spoiler alert if you haven't played through the Shivering Isles expansion* At the end of the third era, Jygallag does exactly this and fucks everything over, but because of the time restraint set upon his return, he is transformed back into Sheogorath. Aka, never do the main quest. Seriously, it's still really fun doing basically everything except for the main quest. The main quest is honestly almost a burden. Anyways, my conclusion is that because Sheogorath couldn't have possibly had a part in Mundis's creation, he shouldn't be scorned as the daedra are. I'm curious as to what mods, if any you use. I will share mine if you respond. I spend way to long on this post. : P
  4. My personal favourite is Oblivion so far, Skyrim is okay, but I think ESO's lore is a bit too broken for me. The reason Skyrim isn't my favourite is because it isn't as lore packed, and I wish it had a class-attribute system. I have played a bit of Morrowind, but the combat is a bit broken for my tastes. Nevertheless, I will rule Vvardenfell eventually. Also, Sheogorath is easily my favourite daedric prince. It's hard even to call him a daedric prince because he was created after the creation of Mundis, meaning that it would have been impossible for him to help in the creation of Mundis, which of course is what separates the Aedra from the Daedra. Anyways, it is super cool being able to go to the shivering isles in Oblivion, making it the first and only (so far) TES game where you can enter multiple plains of Oblivion in a single game. ESO is blasphemy to TES lore, but it's not a bad game gameplay wise.
  5. This is required, so I am typing this.
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