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  1. M'ilord🎯

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    Welcome to the other side!
  2. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    It wasn't me initially it wasn't public
  3. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the day (16/6/18)

    Welcome to the World Cup poll! Idea given by the best Welsh in the Alliance @Angevin I will be doing more ofn these as the World Cup Progresses
  4. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    i will ask them not to look
  5. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    Some people might not want to tell the world how they manage their furriness. Not my case since i was the first one to respond and don't have a tabu on that matter
  6. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    Hello there, this poll is about beards but the Lower kind, the kind that is at most times hidden Welcome to The Blades and Genitalia Poll Of course it is all confidencial
  7. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    OHHH By the Way This poll was suggested by @Floating Hippo
  8. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    You might not be a mainstream person
  9. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    Hi there people, personally i have had more time since school ended ( i am kinda depressed HS ended, personally HS was one of my most happy moments and it enhanced me as a person) however it hasn't trully ended yet since i have to study for The last Exams Of HS. So without no further ado..... Welcome to the Gimli Poll !! Best Beard Ever!!! Show your Beards!!!!
  10. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day(4/6/18)

    Hi there folks long time no see, so what is your opinion on the new steel and aluminium tariff Donald Trump has imposed in some of US's allies? Welcome to The Road Toll Poll
  11. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (29/05/18)

    It's all changed, i did it my way this time
  12. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (29/05/18)

    That's wikipedia for you
  13. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (29/05/18)

    Just pick the answer you Also... Welcome To The TARDIS Poll
  14. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (26/05/18)

    Hello there welcome to another poll, this time brought to you by @Shlappa. It's the OS War Poll! I have no sort of experience with Iphone or its OS, but i have got smithened to android since i bought my first tablet. Even though i will remain neutral.
  15. M'ilord🎯

    Poll of the Day (24/05/18)

    I was mosty joking, you have your thing, i have mine. I respect people how delve into something they love, specially if it is a subject which isn't popular, for XXI century cultural standards