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  1. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (26/05/18)

    Hello there welcome to another poll, this time brought to you by @Shlappa. It's the OS War Poll! I have no sort of experience with Iphone or its OS, but i have got smithened to android since i bought my first tablet. Even though i will remain neutral.
  2. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (24/05/18)

    I was mosty joking, you have your thing, i have mine. I respect people how delve into something they love, specially if it is a subject which isn't popular, for XXI century cultural standards
  3. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (24/05/18)

    Hi There, since the last poll wasn't as popular as i thought it will only be a 24h poll. But now we something new..... New is the wrong word when talking about this, i like the word classical so much more. So... Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Jurassic Parkk!!!!! Poll I have loved Tchaikovsky, but vivaldi is up there to.
  4. M'ilord­čÄ»


    Greetings Traveller this one welcomes you, and i must say your life seems full of "life" congartulations on it
  5. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    Not really the boss of anything , in M'ilord's Threads we are all brothers and Kamarades.
  6. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    Jack of trades, master of none.
  7. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    The major member base, is not european football friendly, the turnout would have been low.
  8. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    I see that some of you dont eat a strong breakfast or dont eat at all, i am worried about your wellbeing, a bad breakfast makes a bad day.
  9. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    I wanted to be asian friendly.
  10. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day

    Breakfasts are a great way to start the day and give you energy, since you were fasting while asleep your brain is in dire for energy to start his motion throught the day. I like to eat cereals and a hot egg in the morning , not exactly in that order.­čśë what about you ? This is the Breakfast club Poll.
  11. M'ilord­čÄ»


    1- Tem de come├žar a falar em Ingl├¬s eu percebo portugu├¬s mas a allian├ža como um todo utiliza o Ingl├¬s para comunicar. 2- Tem de Fazer "apply to join" na p├ígina da alian├ža https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1584 3-Depois tem de fazer uma "thread" como fez aqui no sub-direct├│rio correcto https://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/62-application-archive/ ,usando este tipo de esquema de formul├írio Ingame Ruler: Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: Do you owe anything(money, resources etc) to anybody in the game? Recruited by: Did you receive a message titled 'Hi there' from anybody in our alliance? De seguida ser├í feito um interrogat├│rio por pessoal espec├şfico ( que tem essa fun├ž├úo) onde eu n├úo estou inclu├şdo logo ter├í de falar Ingl├¬s D├¬ me um link da sua na├ž├úo para eu ir dando uma olhadela
  12. M'ilord­čÄ»


    ol├í pode explicar de que modo percisa de ajuda, ou com que mec├ónica est├í perdido. Quer juntar-se a esta alian├ža? Milord
  13. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (21/4/18)

    New Poll Tommorow (14 Hours) I would also like to say that i will follow Poll Suggestion thread on this subforum, so any ideas are welcome.
  14. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (21/4/18)

    Probably had a few more percentage of Slytherin than Gryffindor.
  15. M'ilord­čÄ»

    Poll of the Day (21/4/18)

    You are a Cute ,gregarious person who likes Honour and Knowledge.