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  1. Well, I am NOT going to a wedding shop and trying on a wedding dress just to have an avatar like you guys BUT a suit could do it...I like the idea...Me in a suit, not naked.
  2. We have 12-16c here in Croatia hahah
  3. I see it now haha Someone posted the thread in Slack today and I thought it's new and didn't even notice the date
  4. Dammit! I love wolves...
  5. Hahaha...I just couldn't be quiet I've noticed that you guys often speak about IC's legs I don't know why but yeah...
  6. I can offer sexual services
  7. Damn...Someone wants to give me money to leave Slack?
  8. An neither human nor inhuman....thing?!?!?!?!
  9. A person who doesn't use the word "creepy" too often.
  10. A creepy white croatian guy who defends his white croatian friend from the creepy white polish man.
  11. A creepy black man who doesn't wear a christmas hat from last year...
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