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  1. Darx

    Spring avatar

    Well, I am NOT going to a wedding shop and trying on a wedding dress just to have an avatar like you guys BUT a suit could do it...I like the idea...Me in a suit, not naked.
  2. Darx

    Spring avatar

    We have 12-16c here in Croatia hahah
  3. Darx

    My Final Remarks

    I see it now haha Someone posted the thread in Slack today and I thought it's new and didn't even notice the date
  4. Darx

    Micchan slack bounty

    Dammit! I love wolves...
  5. Darx

    Micchan slack bounty

    Hahaha...I just couldn't be quiet I've noticed that you guys often speak about IC's legs I don't know why but yeah...
  6. Darx

    Micchan slack bounty

    I can offer sexual services
  7. Darx

    Micchan slack bounty

    Damn...Someone wants to give me money to leave Slack?
  8. Darx

    Describe The Person Above You

    An neither human nor inhuman....thing?!?!?!?!
  9. Darx

    Describe The Person Above You

    A person who doesn't use the word "creepy" too often.
  10. Darx

    Describe The Person Above You

    A creepy white croatian guy who defends his white croatian friend from the creepy white polish man.
  11. Darx

    Describe The Person Above You

    A creepy black man who doesn't wear a christmas hat from last year...