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  1. Nizam Adrienne


    That's way too difficult. There were way too many good parts and I honestly probably need to read it again before I could say. I will say that I really enjoyed the Shallan scenes in this book
  2. Nizam Adrienne


    Also, @Infinite Citadel, @Lordship, @Rashek, @Keshav, @Marina
  3. Nizam Adrienne


    Next time
  4. Nizam Adrienne


    What was your guys' favorite part of Oathbringer?
  5. Nizam Adrienne

    Shadow introduction

    Welcome to TKR, Shadow Boy! And Alexandria, that's pretty cool. Looking forward to see you around more. Hope you like it here!
  6. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    I'm not.
  7. Nizam Adrienne

    Felkey Introduction

    That's okay, I bitch enough about things to you too.
  8. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day (29/05/18)

    Ahhhh, you're killing me. My favorite time period spreads over two of these >_>
  9. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day (23/05/18)

    The wedding already happened? No royal wedding coverage in my little farmtown
  10. Nizam Adrienne


    Love it haha. Welcome to TKR!
  11. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day(13/5/2018)

    Added bonus
  12. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day(13/5/2018)

    Never been a fan of the restaurant/cafe ideas because they're generic and awkward. I think the best first dates are ones where you're doing something a little more active but still have the ability to talk/chat like playing pool or going bowling (or even lordship's gun range idea). Pool's a favorite of mine. Also, bonus points for not doing the dinner and a movie idea but something a little different
  13. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day (9/5/18)

    That was a scene I could have lived without
  14. Nizam Adrienne

    Poll of the Day (9/5/18)

    This is my thoughts exactly. I love Star Wars. I tried Episode 7 and it was basically a remake of Episode 4, like Ange said. And Episode 8 was a total disappointment. So I don't know if I'll go for this one. If someone else does, let me know how it is.
  15. Nizam Adrienne

    I dun been demasked

    I got you fixed Bear. Was because of a glitch with the latest forum updates. Go check announcements! We have war badges!