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  1. Hi, please use the template in the link below to start your application:
  2. Hey, can you fill out the application following the format below? Once you do, our Internal Affairs staff will interview you and make a decision regarding your status as a member.
  3. I don't like chocolate ice cream but I like those things in vanilla ice cream.
  4. Probably that you're not deviant enough to have done it... (if you have, don't wanna know, thanks in advance!)
  5. Buncha degenerates Moose tracks!
  6. I can't decide if I'm surprised or not about all the 90+s....
  7. I always liked this song but never knew its name/who sang it. Cheers
  8. Is it really foreign though? Wouldn't the UK be a part of that legislative body?
  9. Haven't had a car for a few years because I've been moving around a lot. Will probably own one again (technically for the first time) when I move back home.
  10. Gonna have to retake the GRE later this year most likely
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