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    We raid another Arrgh camp, looting two turrets, several standing lamps, and liberating Zaxon. Zaxon is a decent fighter. He'll likely do well with a LMG, but we need more melee fighters, so we'll give him a sword. Another TEst raid hits. This one wasn't notable and it earned three slaves. Two slaves were sold for a minigun and EMP grenades. The third was an intelligent old lady with bloodlust. Main skill is research and medical. Let's call her Rin, because I'm running out for female names for TKR and saving Adrienne for a better Mary Sue. Moderate combat skill, she picks up an excellent steel mace for prisoner control later. A couple of thrumbos come by. The team goes hunting. It took an average of 35 bullets to take down each, including several bullets to the lungs and brain. Looks like all the machine guns came in handy. Micchan was knocked out and Esthaevys had heavy bleeding but it went okay. A few days later, an Arrgh raiding party air drops into the base. Micchan, Szeth, Benfro, Rin, and Zaxon are downed by all the melee fighters. Azaghul, Bear, and Esthaevys rescue and treat them. Micchan and Szeth lost a finger each. We captured three prisoners, probably worth a literal arm and leg, but they all died from blood loss. We're low on medicine. We'll send out a trade caravan soon, to sell off spare weapons, beer, and thrumbo. The base has now been heavily fortified, thanks to the hard work of Bear and Azaghul. We'll still have to worry about paradropping pirates and insect infestations, but external raids are less of a problem now.
  2. Rin


    On the way back, The Syndicate congratulates us on the victory and offers a deal in case do more pirate hunting. ilu Partisan and those advanced components are nice, but fuck that. edit: on second thought, I might actually do this if you guys talk me into it. but it's going to be a huge mood debuff cutting up humans and selling their leather.
  3. Rin


    Benfro is promoted to the new colony leader, and Smith's fancy tribal helm is buried together with the body. A devilstrand bowler hat crowns the new leader. It's been a sad day, and the colony honors the memory of Durham, Smith, and Ragnar. Wait, wasn't Szeth still alive? We have reports on where Szeth is kept prisoner, and after two deaths (including the only farmer), this is a good time to raid the raiders and save him. We wait a few days for everyone to recover from their injuries. Fortunately, blood only takes a couple days to refresh. It's a 3 day journey to the camp. The assault team consists of wounded Micchan, Esthaevys, Bear, and Benfro, with Azaghul fortifying the base. Micchan decides it's a good time to get PTSD and just stares out into space the whole night. Guess it's up to Bear, Benfro, and Esthaevys. The turrets are well fortified. The base relies on solar power generators, so we take shots at the capacitors. In a few good hits, the defenses are down. One turret is still up and Benfro almost walks into it, but Bear points it out. The remaining turret is well guarded, with a machine gun around the capacitor and a guard. The whole squad pulls back and snipes at them. We find Szeth, where they have been feeding the poor guy raw goat meat and potatoes.
  4. Rin


    Someone reminded me that I still owe everyone a Rimworld run. I guess most of the people then are not here anymore, but a promise is a promise. I haven't played Rimworld in years, so I'm probably really bad. So everyone is probably going to die fast and die horribly. Classic run, settings as below: No mods. But if you have any good suggestions that don't mess up the balance too much, I'm open to it. Oh, and I'll rename the factions to P&W alliances Sign up here: I'll pick from the list based on whoever's skills matches first, and that includes immigrants and slaves.
  5. I lost my epic XCOM 2 ironman run too
  6. That's an odd mix of first and second tier. Like Mamluks can 1v1 Ottomans pre-jannisary. Portugal was a superpower in EU3, not sure about this one. Timurids never seems to get anywhere. I'd say limit on reroll and not allies. If people want to hugbox and play PvE that's fine. If Darien wants to be a dick, that's fine too. Unlike P&W, there's restarts when things go wrong. Also lol what's the point of one person playing Asia. Might as well single player. You can always go for a fringe nation like Mali or Ethiopia. Anyway, I'll likely miss this, working on some side projects atm. Maybe next round.
  7. I think he played it smart by implementing the most controversial moves as early as possible, giving him more time to recover before the next election. He pushed stability from +3 to +2 but it's something the US can afford. We'll see whether his policies are successful in a few years, long before his term is over, and it'll give him time to turn things around if needed. Trump's style has always been very bombastic and intimidating. He is the kind of businessman who moves fast, thinks later, and even then he thinks in the short term. I don't know why anyone would expect anything less. He seems to be taking a really big gamble with his policies here, again a reasonable move from a businessman. People are just used to being governed by politicians who always play it as safe as possible. Either he wins big or loses big.
  8. There's this too: http://www.firstpost.com/business/donald-trumps-h1-b-visa-proposal-will-have-repercussions-for-the-us-too-say-experts-3240302.html H1B visas being increased to a minimum salary of $130k. Nearly 80% of the US economy is service based. This is going to have insane repercussions throughout the US. H-1B is your skilled labor visa. These are your programmers, architects, dentists, doctors, mining engineers, consultants, researchers. To stay ahead of every other country in service quality, Americans hire the best people from all over the world. I'd expect skilled people to go to other countries instead - Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan. India has been teetering close to superpower status; it's just that their best people have been going to the US. Now that it's harder to export workers to the US, we might see Bangalore replace Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the world. The average senior engineer salary in SF is $110k, not far from the $130k. But you'd have to consider people working in other cities like Chicago which can't afford anywhere near $130k salary. And this also means that they can't import high potential talent at a lower price. I'm really interested in where this ends up. Could be really good or really bad.
  9. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    I'll probably be missing the games after this. Different schedule this year makes it hard to play the usual rounds.
  10. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    Ohh! I just realized I had an old save and can post up NPC empires that I know of. Not going to post other human empires, opsec and all that.
  11. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    Reptoid Caliphate had a good start. Plenty of open space, extremely good choice of planets. Strong research and plentiful oil energy. Neighboring them to the edge of the galaxy were the LEGS EMPIRE and some dumb humans (Darien). To the bottom of the galaxy were some pacifists and some other backwater civ. Advanced empires were further away. We found an Infinity Machine nearby. Didn't have time to research it - just as my 5 star scientist got there, a Fallen Empire requested her as tribute. Then the Infinity Machine was destroyed by some idiot (probably the humans). A little bit later, we discovered remnant shrines of some old gods. The entire population started worshipping them, creating a religious schism of Fanatic Spiritual + Collectivist raptors. To spread our spiritual enlightenment, we have invited all our neighbors to convert to Dio. Some of our neighbors towards the center of the galaxy agreed. These was this friendly spiritual empire with the same symbols and some four-handed humans under a Kosonome Empire. Reptoid Caliphate happily agreed to protect these enlightened people. The LEGS EMPIRE and the two handed humans almost took offense at our requests to convert, talking about independence or something. Darien freaked out when he saw some Reptoid corvettes near his border. He destroyed a frontier outpost and treatied every AI civilization nearby. In his haste, he chose some pretty bad allies. LEGS was a little smarter. He got a protector and then upgraded it to defensive pact with an actual technologically advanced empire. One of our allies attacked one of those terrible empires that Darien was allied to and triggered a large scale war. Sand Raptors (Rin) + Fancy Spiritual Empire (AI) vs Two handed humans (Darien) + Dumb primitive empire (AI) Who will triumph? Stay tuned for the next episode!
  12. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    Edit: Whoops, never mind. Who's hosting? I guess I have to add them on Steam.
  13. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    I'd vote for distributed players. You can either get killed by the AI or by other players lol. Our EU4 game shows that we're not really a group that shies away from PvP. And the rivalry mechanic rewards rivalling the closest empires. So we'd likely end up with players rivalling each other. If we're doing high habitable worlds, it'll cut down on wars of conquest, but drive up the danger level of militant empires quickly as they can get lots of core worlds early, along with the military capacity and resources. It feels kinda P&Wish - judging military capacity as 3 planets vs 5, frequent but less crippling wars. I like it.
  14. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    I did two test runs. Both are quite spacious on huge maps. Even got one game all the way up to cruisers with no war. The AI has never actually declared a war on me, and I've been playing terribly in several games, rivalling everyone as fast as possible. It could just be because I usually play a militant empire with a high fleet count. It could be typical Paradox AI - they'll be assholes when they think they can easily win. I'm not too concerned about advanced empires. Even besides the altruistic tendency to rescue other players, beating an advanced fleet means shiny tech to reverse engineer. I'll be happy to play galactic police as long as it's not on a FE lol Oh don't worry, it screws everyone up as well
  15. Rin

    Stellaris Multiplayer

    I actually did a single player game with the previous settings (replacing human players with AI ofc), and the map turned out surprisingly spacious. Maybe bring habitable worlds back to 200% if you're lowering the empire count.
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