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  1. Rin

    Interest in STW

    TBH I'd like a non nation sim for once. It's not that I mind the game play but we'd just end up dragging the same politics over.
  2. Rin

    TKR Meetup?

    Every single time I meet someone from online games it turns out really awkward. I'm autistic, so I'm like the opposite of what I am online, because my skill points went into writing instead of talking. I imagine it's similar with Micchan lol I'm seriously considering sending out wedding invitations if it ever happens, though Bear is maybe the only one within driving distance.
  3. Rin

    WYR? 3

    I don't think it would be that profound though. If we had extra time, it would just seem to pass by faster. Like we live many times longer than cats and dogs now, and we have a higher level of consciousness than them. But is it really a blessing or a curse? We just see the cat and dogs territorial fights as really trivial while we worry about bigger things like Trump presidency and climate change. Sometimes we even envy the cat who lives happily as a pet. Even if we became more significant, like 1000000 year old planet eaters, it would just make everyone else relatively trivial and we'd still have to worry about bigger things.
  4. Rin

    Time Turner

    Maybe. Made some bad decisions. Some actually are just more traumatizing and resulted in worse decisions in the future. Not all lessons are learned from in a positive way. But would it really make things better? Like I'd maybe be a millionaire or something if I changed some things, but it's not like extra money would mean more happiness.
  5. Rin

    Your Life As a Movie

    Thriller. A series of shows of me doing increasingly stupid things and surviving.
  6. Rin

    Finding a better game than P&W

    Oh, Buor's post, for anyone who hasn't seen it: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20167-albion-online/
  7. Rin

    Finding a better game than P&W

    Looks like Albion is P&W's pick. IMO it's right in the sweet spot of MMOs. It's not free to play which means you don't have the P&W effect which relies on a few people paying big money to support all the people who aren't paying anything. It lowers the incidence where some people join but quit almost immediately after. Very little microtransaction reliance and the cash currency and in game currency are interchangeable like P&W credits. Basically you just have to pay an entrance fee. The premium months don't give special parts of the game. They just lower the grind by giving bonus XP/resources and free points every day regardless of whether you log on. Stuff that is bought with real world cash can all be looted. So you can experience the full game without monthly payments. The scale is nice. Hundreds of thousands of players, with mid sized guilds having hundreds of players. Guilds can build cities and conquer territory. The more dangerous the territory, the higher the rewards. If you want to play casual, you can do so in no PvP areas, but the deadly PvP areas are the best for gathering and looting. So technically people can make raider guilds as well as strongholds. Classes/skill are all item based, so if you want to be a mage, just pick up a mage staff and blow things up. Items determine your skills. The crafting aspect is really detailed. Everything major is built by players. Good gatherers will find enchanted resources, good crafters will forge higher quality, even legendary artifacts. The crafting can be really specialized too. So someone can be the best at sewing mage boots whereas someone else could be a legendary pick axe crafter. The game is still in beta, but will be reset for the final time next month. Everything bought with real money in the beta will be given back after reset, so it's a great time to just spend gold and points experimenting with things. https://albiononline.com/?ref=74L6ANWUBS is my referral code in case anyone wants to play. The referral codes are a bit weird. You'll have to register an account after clicking, doesn't matter if you're going to buy the game or not. They're linked to the account.
  8. Rin

    Is DC ready to git gud?

    They can both be good. Question isn't asking whether they'll be better.
  9. Rin

    Is DC ready to git gud?

    The Dark Knight trilogy was really good at some parts. I liked it way more than Wonder Woman
  10. Rin

    WYR? 3

    Yeah I feel like I've already lived a few dozen 60-year lives in the past. It's not a bad deal so far, so I'll take it. 1000 years seems like a curse when you're living 400 years with a bad back. I assume that things like strokes and lost body parts will happen, so that means I'd probably be seriously crippled or cyborged by 300 years.
  11. Rin

    What's your favorite part of the game?

    I just like fucking with people's heads. Everything else is just a part of that. Like you can't threaten people without a strong enough military force, and the econ, IA, etc is a build up to that.
  12. Rin


    boo slack. Facebook workplace is the way to go. Get chatbots running milcom.
  13. Rin

    Another 'Would You Rather...?"

    I've been both. I'm definitely going for forgotten this time lol
  14. closer to home than you think