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    We raid another Arrgh camp, looting two turrets, several standing lamps, and liberating Zaxon. Zaxon is a decent fighter. He'll likely do well with a LMG, but we need more melee fighters, so we'll give him a sword. Another TEst raid hits. This one wasn't notable and it earned three slaves. Two slaves were sold for a minigun and EMP grenades. The third was an intelligent old lady with bloodlust. Main skill is research and medical. Let's call her Rin, because I'm running out for female names for TKR and saving Adrienne for a better Mary Sue. Moderate combat skill
  2. Rin


    On the way back, The Syndicate congratulates us on the victory and offers a deal in case do more pirate hunting. ilu Partisan and those advanced components are nice, but fuck that. edit: on second thought, I might actually do this if you guys talk me into it. but it's going to be a huge mood debuff cutting up humans and selling their leather.
  3. Rin


    Benfro is promoted to the new colony leader, and Smith's fancy tribal helm is buried together with the body. A devilstrand bowler hat crowns the new leader. It's been a sad day, and the colony honors the memory of Durham, Smith, and Ragnar. Wait, wasn't Szeth still alive? We have reports on where Szeth is kept prisoner, and after two deaths (including the only farmer), this is a good time to raid the raiders and save him. We wait a few days for everyone to recover from their injuries. Fortunately, blood only takes a couple days to refresh. It's a 3 day journey to the ca
  4. That's an odd mix of first and second tier. Like Mamluks can 1v1 Ottomans pre-jannisary. Portugal was a superpower in EU3, not sure about this one. Timurids never seems to get anywhere. I'd say limit on reroll and not allies. If people want to hugbox and play PvE that's fine. If Darien wants to be a dick, that's fine too. Unlike P&W, there's restarts when things go wrong. Also lol what's the point of one person playing Asia. Might as well single player. You can always go for a fringe nation like Mali or Ethiopia. Anyway, I'll likely miss this, working on
  5. Rin


    I can't disagree with that.
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