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  1. Micchan the destroyer of tanks you shall be known as from now on.
  2. Blink

    Happy New Year TKR!

    Happy new year! Better late than never right...
  3. Blink

    15/12/18 - TKR Community Survey

    All of the above*
  4. I read this as orders from Gov and leadership lol.....voted as such
  5. What is over extending? 8.....
  6. Blink

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    Shave but not clean shaven lmao
  7. Blink

    Poll of the Day (24/05/18)

    Shout out to Hans Zimmer, one of the modern greats.
  8. Blink

    Last person to post wins

    I could do with a bit of this
  9. Blink

    Poll of the Day (18/05/18)

    Really! When we were 10? we didn't even have Wifi back then did we @Modi I remember 56k dial up!!!!!
  10. Blink

    Poll of the Day (1/5/18)

    Engaged to be married 3 years in