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  1. A lot of of people in my class uses a tablet to take lecture notes. And here I am using the original tablet called "pen and paper" On a more serious note, tablet feels like a device that can't decide whether it want to be a smartphone or a laptop. Since I already have to carry both to classes, I don't really see a use for it
  2. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    There's not much going on for it since it's pretty easy to see that the show is pretty much: goblins are killed --> all the female character fall for the MC --> lol nope, MC only care about goblin --> back to step 1
  3. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    Haven't watch Grimgar before so can't comment on it but Tanya the evil is not too bad, and God blessing on this wonerful world (im assuming you mean Konosuba) is a very good comedy show. imo, Goblin Slayer is a show where people either like or don't like it, been hearing that the anime somewhat butchered the LN/manga
  4. I spent quite a lot of time when i was young af playing Runescape. That counts right?
  5. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    You know, I usually wait until all of the anime I'm watching finished releasing all episode before doing a write-up. I was waiting for Italian Jojo to finish before doing the write-up until i found out they're planning to release 39 episodes : / Jojo Part 5: Golden Wind (6.5/10) And now for the fifth part of Jojo we have 100% authentic Italian, definitely not Japanese Jojo trying to join the Gang-star (yes, you read that right) to overthrow the mafia boss. Series is still ongoing and compared to previous parts, there's not much going on so far but things might change as the series progress Golden Kamuy 2nd Season (9/10) 2nd season is back and is still great. Time to wait for the third season Zombieland Saga (dropped with a passion) Biggest bait and switch ever since Yuri on Ice Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (6/10) Q U A N T U M P H Y S I C S U A N T U M P H Y S I C S Not much to talk about here. Found it interesting and just a tad bit similar to Haruhi Goblin Slayer (5/10) Not going to talk about that one thing in episode 1. Nope, not touching that. Other than that, the anime is essentially a harem show. Killing goblins is pretty fun to watch but that's pretty much it
  6. I think i'll skip the winter game. 3 hours before update is about 3 am for me
  7. Apparently, 70-80% of South East Asian are lactose intolerant to some degree Sure glad I dodged that bullet.
  8. The real IQ test is whether you decide to take the clickbait test or not
  9. Perfect timing lmao, I literally finish exam a week ago and am now on holiday
  10. >Line not included in the list Have a youtube acount but never post or comment on it. Also have a facebook but only use it to coordinate group project in collage. I use Line mainly for friends and family Oh, and I guess I have TKR forum account for leg porn too
  11. Used to play a lot of Team Fortress (1k+ total hours on my old account) in the past though not anymore
  12. Woah woah woah, if we're taking alliance members nationalities into consideration when writing dates then I demand that you consider Thai dating system too when writing out these dates With the Thai dating system, the poll date would be written as ๕/๑๑/๒๕๖๑ or 5/11/2561
  13. Petition to make "Full Fap February" a thing
  14. Definitely not daily. I tried doing the pollmaster for a short period over a year ago and it's very hard to come up with decent polls/discussion questions
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