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  1. cute poll

  2. Introducing myself

    Someone call Micchan Anyway, welcome to the alliance. Make sure to do the objective to get free stuff and like Kazi said, drop by onto Slack sometime, it's where all the fun happens
  3. Heyo!

    Hey Australia, I'm Bear! Anyhow, in order to apply to the alliance, follow the instruction below and post an application on the Welcome Station section of the forum
  4. Brannon T. Johnson

    Welcome to the Knight Radiant forum, it seems that you posted in the wrong section but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ someone will probably move it soon. Anyhow, why are there 30+ nations on the same IP network?
  5. Brain Daily

    The Kingdom of Thailand is glad to announced that they have found the most efficient method to peel a banana saving the user precious time and energy! If TGR is interested, Thailand is willing to sell the secret to this technique for a low low sum of 1 trillion dollars
  6. Thailand 2017 Budget

    With the arrival of the new year, it's that time once again to outline the new budget. While the budget allocation will be mostly the same as last time percentage wise, Thailand have finally included Vietnam into it control and as such, the budget report will be updated accordingly to reflect this Economy overview Total GDP (PPP): US$1.790 trillion Per capita: US$10,933 Total Budget: 1.50 Trillion USD Social Welfare 75 Billion USD Infrastructure development and maintenance: 250 Billion USD Military Budget: 240 Billion USD Research and Development: 250 Billion USD Reserve: 335 Billion USD Other: 200 Billion USD New Projects: 250 Billion USD
  7. New Year ASEAN Summit

    With the dawn of a new year, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are looking to convene once again to discuss important matters and issues Delegations from the 10 ASEAN nations will be gathering in Singapore city on 15 January to evaluate ASEAN performance and and plan for the upcoming year Although it is not officially announce yet, our sources have told us that some of the issues being discuss in the upcoming summit will be: Improvement to the growth program for lesser developed ASEAN nations Ease of movement between countries for citizen of ASEAN nations Discussion to wheter or not to grant full ASEAN membership to Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea South China Sea island dispute, especially Spratly islands claim Possibility of Militarization of ASEAN and mutual defense pact between all ASEAN nations in response to rising global tension The summit itself is set to end on 18 January and the result of the meeting will be announce to the public on the following day ASEAN itself, is a regional organisation comprising ten Southeast Asian states which promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic integration amongst its members. Formed in 8 August, 1967.... - Extract from Bangkok Times, a newspaper based in Thailand
  8. Hello!

    Welcome! In the game, the location of your nations doesn't really matter when declaring war. What matters is your nation score. Also, try and get onto Slack if possible, pretty easy to coordinate raids in there.
  9. Thailand Factbook (WIP)

    Economy overview Total GDP (PPP): US$1.152 trillion Per capita: US$16,706 Total Budget: 900 Billion USD Social Welfare 45 Billion USD Infrastructure development and maintenance: 150 Billion USD Military Budget: 80 Billion USD Research and Development: 100 billion USD Reserve: 200 Billion USD Other: 125 Billion USD New Projects: 200 Billion USD Government and Treaty Current Government: The National Council of Peace and Order (Military Junta) Current Treaty (will probably leave any treaty Thailand have IRL with other player nations blank for now) Economic Treaties: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with the following Nations - Brunei Darussalam - Cambodia - Indonesia - Laos - Malaysia - Myanmar - Philippines - Singapore - Vietnam MDP: ODP and NAP: Protectorate: NAP:
  10. Thailand Factbook (WIP)

    Military Overview The Royal Thai Armed Forces consists of the following: Royal Thai Army, The Royal Thai Navy, The Royal Thai Air Force as well as various other paramilitary forces. According to the constitution, serving in the armed forces is a duty of all Thai citizens.However, only males over the age of 21, who have not gone through reserve training of the Army Reserve Force Students, are given the option of volunteering for the armed forces, or participating in the random draft. Manpower overview: Total Population: 67,976,405 Available Manpower: 35,500,000 Fit for Service: 27,500,000 Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,045,000 Active Frontline Personnel: 310,000 Active Reserve Personnel: 245,000 Royal Thai Army Tanks: 722 Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 2,614 Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 26 Towed-Artillery: 695 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs): 13 Royal Thai Airforce Total Aircraft: 551 Fighters/Interceptors: 76 Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 95 Transport Aircraft: 327 Trainer Aircraft: 148 Helicopters: 282 Attack Helicopters: 7 Royal Thai Navy Total Naval Strength: 81 Aircraft Carriers: 1 Frigates: 7 Destroyers: 0 Corvettes: 7 Submarines: 0 Coastal Defense Craft: 31 Mine Warfare: 7
  11. Thailand Factbook (WIP)

    Nation Name: Thailand Description Thailand, officially The Kingdom of Thailand is a country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Malaysia. It is the 20th-most-populous country in the world, with around 66 million people. The capital and largest city is Bangkok. Geography The most conspicuous features of Thailand's terrain are high mountains, a central plain, and an upland plateau. Mountains cover much of northern Thailand and extend along the Myanmar border . The central area consisted of lowland areas covered in firtile grassland. With the Chao Praya river and it tributary running through it feeding into the delta of the Bay of Bangkok. While the north eastern part of the country consist of mostly dry plateau only sparsely covered in grass. The southern region consisting of a narrow peninsula as well as mountainous terrain and the absence of large rivers. Government Since the political reform of the absolute monarchy in 1932, Thailand has had 19 constitutions and charters.Throughout this time, the form of government has ranged from military dictatorship to electoral democracy, but all governments have acknowledged a hereditary monarch as the head of state. Thailand has so far had seventeen Constitutions. Throughout, the basic structure of government has remained the same. The government of Thailand is composed of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. The system of government is modeled after the Westminster system. All branches of government are concentrated in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Currently, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and was a parliamentary democracy up until a coup in May 2014 by the National Council for Peace and Order. Since then, Thailand have been under a military junta with the current ruling junta promising a new election sometime in the near future.
  12. Habitat Reintroduction

    Hey there, do you happen to have a copy of Battletoads?
  13. Habitat Reintroduction

  14. Donald Trump

    Probably fuck up foreign relationship with everyone. Other than that, I'm pretty sure congress could hopefully stop him from doing anything dangerous