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  1. Bear

    19/10/18 - Favourite Drinks

    Damn, i don't drink alcohol so i guess I'm not a full on testosterone filled badass
  2. Bear

    It's over, Forum Fighters won

    nothing stopping you from working to become Queen of Herald/Herald of War so you can swim in reps anytime war is announced
  3. Bear

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    Never seen autumn in person before (only season in thailand are summer, monsoon, and more summer) so im a little biased for it
  4. Bear

    08/10/18 - How often do you use Slack?

    Used to check it several times a day. Now, barely use Slack anymore. Been very busy lately and Slack just doesn't feel the same EDIT: also congrats hariff for becoming the new pollmaster! just make sure not to let the pollmaster curse get you
  5. >60C >100% humidity how tf are you still alive. The highest I have to deal with is 40C in Bangkok
  6. Bear

    29/09/18 - Best TKR War?

    Same. I think it was in the Great Salt War where my best memory is probably mounting a coordinated counter on Fark and getting instantly countered within a minute. That and getting nuked more times than the number of cities i had.
  7. Bear

    Guess the TKR player

    Nope ding ding ding, we have a winner. The person is Kosonome, father of Cloudminion
  8. Bear

    Guess the TKR player

    Well here goes. First clue
  9. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    I originally plan to make a writeup once some of the shows I'm currently watching finished airing but decided against it. Can't let Micchan monopolize the entire thread now eh? Hataraku Saibou (5/10) Educational show about cute cells doing cute things. There are some fun moment, but I personally found it to be quite meh Satsuriku no Tenshi (dropped) (4/10) Watched about 3-4 episodes before I dropped it. The concept is interesting at first as i thought it would be something like a show where the main character "defeat/outwit/run away to freedom" while encountering interesting serial killers but nope all the characters (so far) are edgy for the sake of being edgy and shallow af. The faux Christianity didn't help either Asobi Asobase (8/10) My impression of the show can be summed up in this image: The only reason I started watching this is because I read up somewhere that contrary to what it looks like, the show is not a cute girls doing cute things show. After watching an episode of it, they're definitely right. I think the best way to describe this show is to imagine Nichijou on PCP. Anyway, I really like it. Hisone to Maso-tan (6.5/10) AKA 'How to Plane your Dragon' Can we take a moment to take in the fact that in addition to the JDF hiding dragon as planes, the pilot have to be eaten by the dragon in order to pilot it. Low key vore aside, I find it a bit boring at first but became more interest in it after the first few episodes. Apart from sequels (e.g. My Hero Academia) there's not many good shows going on right now so not much to write about. Been reading some manga in the meantime so I might make a short writeup about it sometime soon
  10. Bear

    Need your help to find an old arcade game

    Metal Slug? first thing that comes to my mind. Might be a little too modern in the specified time period though but it sort of fit the World War 2 criteria
  11. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    Hive of scum and villainy
  12. Bear

    Anime & Manga

    how bad is it? Heard mixed things about it with some people saying it's pretty fucking great, some saying it sucks, some saying it's looks promising until it divebomb hard and others saying it's essentially Evangalion: waifu war edition
  13. Bear

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    Anything to get them off Fortnite