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  1. Remind me to make you a bannerman if i start another playthrough Seems like you're Ahead of the game ok I'll show myself out now
  2. The good news is that you got decapitated so there's exactly 0 chance of you coming back as a zombie with stinky, rotten legs The bad news is that I have no idea whether you can get a new banner in the game or is it lost forever now. On a sidenote, this or the next update might actually be the very last update for the current Battle Brother playthrough. I kinda want to do a new playthrough and use experience from this playthrough to not make as many mistakes in the new one.
  3. Time to unveil the newly named recruits. Since no one volunteered, the following people have been... forcibly conscripted. The four will be joining us for the first few battles so they can accumulate some experience. Roster at the start Update 5 (part 2): "That belongs in a museum!" So the TKR mercenary company has been roaming around, taking contracts for quite a while. We need a goal, something to do. It was then decided that the next goal (aside from making shitton of money and fame) is to find a unique equipment. Unique equipment are one of a kind weapons or armor which is not only good but possessing one will make the TKR mercenary band even more famous. Scouring the local tavern, there was a rumor of an adventuring party who was ambushed trying to dig up some artifacts in a nearby ruins. Survivors told of the dead rising up to meet them in combat. The company immediately set off for that place in hope of finding a unique equipment despite not quite knowing what to expect. The very sp00ky battle (part 1) The very sp00ky battle (part 2) Aftermath and current roster
  4. Whenever I get around to playing and posting the next part. You're already out of the reserve and in the frontline since Sargun and Micchan have to recover from their other, recoverable wounds
  5. Update 5 (part 1): The interlude With that disaster of a battle done with, the company went back to the nearest town to hire more men to replace the one that dies and to build up a strong reserve force so people can be substitute in and out if they get injured. Meet the new recruits Cannon Fodder 1 and 2 will be the frontliner for now until we decide what to do with brain-damaged Micchan and broken knee Sargun Shitty hunter is shitty because despite having a hunter background, his range skill suck ass. Nevertheless, Shitty Hunter will be replacing Japan while Temp Marksman will either become a reserve archer or be put into the frontline depending on what happens Which bring us to a few important decisions. 1) Should Micchan and Sargun take an early retirement? I normally keep people if their permanent injury doesn't affect their role that much (e.g. Saintly Bloody is missing an eye which reduces his range skill but he'll never touch a bow anyway). However, the injuries both of them took are pretty bad. The choice is either kick them out dismiss them with pension and replace them with people from the reserve or keep them until they die in the field of battle 2) What should the new recruits be named? Obviously, their names are a placeholder for now. I ran out of names for people so I'll need more names (and title) to give to the 4 new recruits. This time, it could be any kind of names you want, go nuts. Just remember that both the name and title box have a 14 letters character limit (space included). If I still don't have enough names then I'll simply keep using other TKR members name to throw into the meat grinder And lastly, during the journey back to the town, the mercenary company met a rather interesting person. An ominous threat of what's to come or a baseless rumor from a madman? Who knows...
  6. or won the battle by being a heroic cannon fodder, dying to give others time to kill the enemy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) iirc, in one of the previous battle, you got stabbed and have a hole in your lung or smth so you were on reserve for injury recovery
  7. Yeah quite amazed myself. Usually, when a character reached 0 hp, they have a very small chance to be struck down but survive the battle instead of outright dying. However, I might end up kicking out send them to retirement with pension since the permanent injury they received is a pretty big deal That or keep sending them into even more dangerous battle so they can die gloriously and I have an excuse to replace them. Either way works
  8. Update 4: The part where a lot of people die Before we begin, i'll tell you right now that by the end of this, quite a lot of people died. So ladies and gentlemen, start taking bets now on who perished. Alright first of all, remember last time when Awesomeness got (nearly) killed and suffered from a dislocated shoulder? Well, he got... sort of... replaced. So welcome our new recruit, Awesomeness! (again) Anyhow, onto the main part of the update. I'm afraid the first parts or so are pretty unevenful, consisting of the company going around doing odd errands without any major injuries or death Some of the (a bit boring) stuff we did Apart from the battles, the frontline got shuffled a bit with people moving to and from the reserve. The next contract we got was to retrieve stuff from a crypt again (seriously, why the hell do people keep losing their valuable in the crypts?) . Sound easy enough right? just stroll in, bash in some doot doot skeletons (or zombies) and we're done. Well... Necrosavants are basically vampires but instead of sexy gay twilight vampire, you get a half rotten undead pagan cultist. I dealt with them once before and oh boy was that a disaster. They heal by making everyone bleed, are hard to kill and worst of all, can teleport around willy nilly. To make matter worst, we have to deal with skeletons at the same time. I pretty much went into the fight expecting several people to die and oh boy they did. Recommended music to listen to while reading this TKR vs necrosavants and skeledoots That's quite an adventure. One of the person in reserve will need to replace Koso for now while we'll definitely need to find a new recruit to take on Japan's crossbow. As for Micchan and Sargun, they might have to... retire early and be replaced due to their newly gain permanent injury being extremely detrimental to their combat role. Current roster
  9. Ha, that better be the case. The last bannerman, IC, died when an orc charged through the line.
  10. The good new is that you didn't die so congrats! The bad new is that you nearly die and might get dismissed and replaced! Broken elbow tanks melee attack and defense stat which is what shieldbearer are suppose to do. Though if you do get replaced, I'll name the replacement after you. mmm, I still haven't mess around with character customization yet (you need to find a town with a barber apparently). Thinking whether or not I should take Micchan's beard away or let her have a full on bushy beard. Decision, decision.
  11. Update 3: Easy money... or not The update in which the company went around hunting down small bands of monsters for some easy cash. For the first half of this update, it's pretty uneventful except for the part where Saintly Bloody faceplanted the ground while drunk and broke his nose so Hippo, who recovered from his near death experience, replaced him while he recovers Series of uneventful battles The part where things kinda went wrong Current roster
  12. Update 2: Greenskin Exterminator It looks like a lot of people are having problems with marauding greenskins. Taking advantage of this, we managed to snag up some contracts which will hopefully pay out easy money. The mayor of some town asked us to guard the town from any greenskin raiding party. While waiting around, we were approached by a slightly insane man who's willing to pay us money to go chop off a finger off a notorious soon-to-be executed criminal. So I asked Yir for help and... wait hold on a second. bro wtf. Unfortunately, there's no time to mourn for that finger. the greenskins are here. Greenskin: Goblin edition With that fight done, Sargun will be replacing Hippo until he recovers. Which is nice since we got another greenskin killing contract. This time, we'll be taking down a small orc camp which have been terrorizing a nearby town TKR vs Orc 2: The smackdown With the orcs taken care of, we need a new recruit. Hippo still haven't recovered from his wounds and Sargun will certainly need to rest for a long time. Awesomeness the Smiley Face Hopefully, he doesn't die immedietly Current Roster
  13. well to be fair, it's pretty terrifying to be surrounded by 3 orcs and one of them just smashed your shield to pieces but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anything can happen. Most important thing is that he didn't die retreating
  14. Update 1: Orcs and Brigands Nothing interesting happened at first. Went around and did some delivery missions and escort mission, no battle. That is until some nobleman hired us to kill a group of marauding orcs TKR vs Orcs With that messy business done with, 2 new recruits were hired Floating hippo, Resident Omnivore who will be replacing Redfive Sargun, Glorious Beard who will be in reserve for now. TKR vs Brigands Current Roster
  15. Nah not quite. Sure you don't have a shield but you get to sit in the back behind all the shield bearer. Polearms have a range of 2 tiles and can attack over the shieldbearer's shoulder. Same thing with bannerman. apparently, a banner counts as a 2 tile stabby spear Then again, in the obituary I posted, half of the people who died are backline people so who knows what'll happen Since several people died before I posted this thread, I don't mind "reviving" some people as new recruits. Just say the word! I'll post the next update in a few hours. Only thing I will say is that someone did die
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