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  1. oh jesus. I can't even imagine what a tier 10 light would do against other tanks. The t-50-2 was always in upper tier games so even splash damage was enough to kill it sometimes and a single hit would for sure wipe it out
  2. I haven't played in a super long time. I played a lot maybe 5 years ago and was really good at scouting (top 1% in t50 and top 80% in t-50-2). This was of course back before the physics update. After that, it was difficult to be a scout because a slight bump in the ground could send you flying though the air and both of your tracks would break in the middle of an open field. They eventually removed the t-50-2 which was disheartening because it was really difficult to unlock. I'd be down to play a couple hours here and there but won't be able to play today
  3. If you are going to start over, you might as well send us all over to fight like pigs going to the slaughter. Death to us all!
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