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  1. Econ department can give 10 mil to first place, 7 mil to 2nd, and 4 mil to 3rd so you wouldnt need to do entry fees or pay for the fees of 1 mil per player, whichever is higher
  2. lol mine suggested a playlist titled "Wedding Songs" when it opened spotify. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something
  3. I never left the US until about a year ago. My gf and I drove 3 hours north to Canada for a day trip. I'm decently well traveled within the US otherwise.
  4. When you become old and senile like me, all these wars blur together
  5. "sojourner has been successfully masked as "friend of the knights""
  6. 6- The Loyalist 2- The Helper 7- The Enthusiast
  7. You clearly have never been to Australia. Clocks go through daylight savings every weekend so their enemies, the emus, have a harder time coordinating schedules for tea parties.
  8. 6pm to 4am works best but it didnt allow me to select all that apply
  9. While I like Hockey far more than any other sport, Aussie football is actually pretty entertaining
  10. Best moments were while Kaladin was in Bridge Four, slowly changing the tone of the crew and doing what he could to improve their standard of living and schemed for their survival and escape plan. They constantly had to adapt to changes from a leadership that wanted them dead from day 1 and went to great lengths to kill them. Most intriguing character was Syl. I originally thought she was merely a side character who'd follow Kaladin and have no other purpose than be super ditsy and innocent, a sharp contrast to all the horrors Kaladin had experienced before their meeting. It wasn't until she started saying stuff that even she didn't fully understand that I realized there was an unspoken connection and she had a greater role with an ever changing personality where she didn't even know what was happening to her and Kaladin. Best character development was Adolin. Early in the book, he often acted childish and on sudden impulses. As the story progressed, he showed more reverence for the Codes and led like a true military commander. He also maintained enough skepticism to not trust Sadaes. Biggest asshole: By far Sadaes. Betraying an ally and allowing thousands to die without even a little remorse is perhaps the cruelest part of the book. Even crueler than the unjust way Amaram claiming the shards. With all the times I verbally said "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" in the last 50 to 100 pages, I'm super excited to begin Words of Radiance.
  11. If I make the last post and then lock this thread, does that mean I win?
  12. I've been in a relationship a year and a half and I consider it to be long term. Overall, I'm definitely a long term relationship kind of person and believe that if you find the right person, anyone can have a relationship that will last.
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