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  1. We require a War Chest. Cool with that?
  2. Welcome to TKR! What made you decide to join our alliance? P.s. your nation link is
  3. Welcome to TKR! Why did you join our alliance over all the other ones?
  4. How often do you plan on playing Politics and War?
  5. Welcome to TKR! Why did you decide to join TKR after not getting a response from Guardians Of Ireland?
  6. Have you used Slack? It is recommended in the alliance.
  7. Are you cool with a War Chest?
  8. How often do you plan on playing on Politics and War?
  9. Welcome to the community Sojia!!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Hi

  12. WELCOME!!!
  13. My name is President Smalls. I'm am junior in high school, I wanna major in computer hardware engineering hopefully. Shout out to anyone in FIRST Robotic Competition. Go First Steamworks!!
  14. Hey bud, you can go to the welcome station and fill out an application if you are interested in joining the alliance.