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  1. Use or no use, they're an inherently irreplaceable part of our theme and the fantasy environment that we try to replicate. They help with the atmosphere, recruitment and the mystical feeling you get when you first join. Whether I shout it out loud, participate/create events or talk in our channels, I am stoneward for life, and that's all that matters to me and a lot of other people. It's more about the feeling than the use.
  2. Radoje

    Poll 17/11/18 - Paradox Winter Game

    I'm not sure, december is gonna be hectic as hell for me, not sure if I can dedicate a day. But I'll stay around to check when you guys host it and I'll show up if I can.
  3. Radoje

    29/10/18 - What music service do you use?

    We don't have anything but deezer in Serbia. Spotify and all the other services have Serbia blocked for some reason
  4. Take your pick for the winning picture of the Herald Newspaper October Edition Competition: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  5. Radoje

    06/10/18 - Whats your job?

    Food, gotta feed the troops.
  6. Radoje

    Which Genre of Music Do You Listen To?

    I honestly have no idea what the difference is, I've honestly never listened to either lmao. I just tried to include as many as I could think of, but if I went down the genres of rock/metal we'd have a 20 page poll.
  7. Radoje

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    100% correct. I used to have a crazy goatee but my fiance hates beards.. so yeah.. I now have the battle of having to shave it often as hell.
  8. Radoje

    Poll of the Day (1/5/18)

    I mean, if I managed to meet my fiance over a video game and stay with her for over 2 years now (and soon have a kid), literally any relationship can be found and made to last, especially these days in 2018.
  9. Radoje

    Poll of the Day

    Kompot or bust
  10. Radoje

    Describe The Person Above You

    The guy that needs to be a bit more active on slack
  11. Radoje

    Micchan posting music

    Van Gogh - Someone has you tonight. It's a deceiving song because most people think it's about love, when in fact it has 2 meanings, it's about a drug addiction as well. It's about the consequences of not being able to get a dose and struggling trough a hard withdrawal, be it love or drugs. He sings about everything being fine when it's there, but when the dose of the love/drug disappears, he is back in his crawling slobbering disgusting state until it happens again. It's one of my favorite Serbian songs because it's super relatable to me. Hteo bih negde da te vidim - I'd love to see you somewherekao slucajno - almost accidentalyu kom dzepu ovaj grad - In which pocket did this townte nocas sakrio - Hide you tonight Sada ne mogu da zaspim - Now I can't sleep properlynesto se dogodilo - Something happened within mepoludeo sam sasvim - I've went completely crazyod kad mislim na tebe - Ever since I'm forced to think about yousve se izmenilo - Everything changed Kad sam s tobom - When I'm with youkao da hodam po vrelom asfaltu - It's like walking on hot pavementi taman kad se noge naviknu - As soon as my feet get used to itti vise nisi tu - You immediately disappear Neko te ima nocas - Someone has you tonightneko te voli - Someone loves youneko te ima - Someone has youto nisam ja - But that's not me. Kad sam s tobom kao da padam - When I'm with you it's like I'm fallinga nikad ne padnem - And I never actually fallgde te sakrio ovaj grad - Where did this town hide youne mogu da te pronadjem - I can't find you anywhere
  12. Radoje

    Micchan posting music

    Damn that's pretty good. You mind if I post a Serbian song and explain the lyrics the same way?