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  1. Radoje

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    100% correct. I used to have a crazy goatee but my fiance hates beards.. so yeah.. I now have the battle of having to shave it often as hell.
  2. Radoje

    Hi there !

    It's my pleasure. If you need anything or simply someone to talk to, never be afraid to PM me on slack, I go under the same name.
  3. Radoje

    Hi there !

    @Lordship We've found you a fellow scientist. Welcome mate, I hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure you mingle and get to meet us on slack, we're quite friendly people
  4. Radoje

    Atomikz in a nutshell

    Which alliances did you play in my man?
  5. Radoje

    I dun been demasked

    Gotchu friend. Forums is randomly demasking prune members, I guess it's the new update. I'll try to figure it out so it doesn't happen again
  6. Radoje

    Poll of the Day (1/5/18)

    I mean, if I managed to meet my fiance over a video game and stay with her for over 2 years now (and soon have a kid), literally any relationship can be found and made to last, especially these days in 2018.
  7. Radoje

    Poll of the Day

    Kompot or bust
  8. Radoje


    Don't have to download the app at all, literally just open this site: knightsradiant.slack.com And use the email we invited to set up your account.
  9. Radoje


    We have set a community standard for players wishing to join. The exam takes 10-15 min tops to research and all it really asks is for you to understand the rules of the alliance. 10-15 minutes of reading is really not backbreaking work and all it requires is a little patience. We thought the way you handled the exam and the amount of time you put into it wasn't appropriate. In either case, good luck on your future ventures
  10. Radoje


    You have been rejected for failing your exam. https://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/5521-application/
  11. Radoje


    Hey Viserion! Welcome to our forums. To submit our application, go to the Welcome Station. Click on the New Member Application Template and make an application!
  12. Radoje


    Hell yeah dude, glad to have you on board. The knights mostly hang out on slack and you'll always find somebody to talk to and meet on there. We're all a friendly bunch, don't be afraid to come in and talk anywhere you want or with anyone you want.
  13. Radoje

    Request to join

    Hey! Welcome to TKR's forums. If you want to make an application, you should go to The Welcome Station. BUT, I am sorry to inform you that TKR has went to war last night in protection of our allies. We will be halting all applications until a further notice, but as a compensation, you are free to sit on applicant status and receive TKR's full protection, if you so desire it. If you wish to continue your application, we advise you to stay out of conflicts.
  14. Radoje


    You can do that in the Order Registration Thread
  15. Radoje


    Nice man! Make sure you join us on slack and pick an order.