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    in b4 anyone joins
  2. Tower of Hanoi

    Best I could do
  3. Interest in STW

    We'll most likely know more rules wise when the game launch, as far as it being complex it will be harder than PnW is most likely.
  4. Interest in STW

    ATM there is no link for actual rules, but base on wording on all the info I can find there probably wont be alot of rules, im expecting it to be pretty lenient on what can be done.
  5. Interest in STW

    @Infinite Citadel https://stepstowar.com/about-steps-to-war
  6. Personality Disorders

  7. MBTI Type

  8. Which sports

    Done Archery, Rock Climbing and snowboarding before, would love to go scuba diving, cave diving, skydiving, and base jumping
  9. Tabletop Wargaming

    Nice collection man
  10. Ayy.

  11. Why is Communism a failure?

    Hey leave me out of this, I have nothing to do with Communism, Rome was a Republic Democracy
  12. Imperator Octavianus Divi Filius Master of Rome and Defender of The Grand Empire
  13. US Invasion of Iraq Justified?

    Friendly reminder to keep the debate friendly.
  14. Everyone has their own.....

    Zoo has not been canceled
  15. What instrument do you guys play?

    Guitar mostly, did a year of learning the basics for Drums, didnt like it.