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  1. log in p&w

    Same, I never kept track on how many days I didnt long in, but it probably around 20-30 days total out of 783 days
  2. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    and im still not a Vet yet >.>
  3. Poll

    @Lordship @Aerios @Floating Hippo if we can get one more person who interested we can consider doing this
  4. I New Here , I Applied Membership

  5. Poll

  6. Poll

    It been awhile since we did a community multiplayer. With the announcement of a new DLC, it about time we try to set up another MP game for all of TKR and it allies
  7. test

  8. Love, sex, and politics

    Sure I dont mind if they have opposite political beliefs then me, as long as they are not a communist.

    in b4 anyone joins
  10. Tower of Hanoi

    Best I could do
  11. Interest in STW

    We'll most likely know more rules wise when the game launch, as far as it being complex it will be harder than PnW is most likely.
  12. Interest in STW

    ATM there is no link for actual rules, but base on wording on all the info I can find there probably wont be alot of rules, im expecting it to be pretty lenient on what can be done.
  13. Interest in STW

    @Infinite Citadel https://stepstowar.com/about-steps-to-war
  14. Personality Disorders

  15. MBTI Type