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  1. 18
  2. Blackie, you were in govt before for some odd reason, I dont know why someone believed it was a good idea, but after your short time, most of the memberships want you nowhere near any position of power ever again.
  3. Someone buy it for me and I'll play with all of you
  4. If I can get the game in time im willing to do this
  5. There actually 5 Home Alone movies, dont watch 4 or 5, they are terrible.
  6. You clearly know nothing about TKR, it leadership, or it members. TKR has always been and will always be an authoritarian dictatorship. There is no democracy here as it will always fail. You call for members to revolt and start a revolution to bring democracy here to TKR, you would have never fit in, no one here would have supported your calls fo change. You are undoubtedly one of the worst applicants we have ever had. Oh and TKR doesn't censor it members, if we wanted to talk crap to Rickky or IC we would(and we do).
  7. Nope Emp
  8. im 18 and I got 27
  9. C.C. Texas
  10. We had one of the biggest trolls in Orbis, that Muslim racist troll who was notorious on the OWF, if he didnt get kick for all the shit said on there chance are no one will
  11. Welcome to the club