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  1. And lock.
  2. I will be making that same mistake in the future too.
  3. @Walling Fix PT
  4. testing the test thread
  5. I remember that movie, it was pure crap, one of the worst Animated movies I ever saw as a child. 2004 was the year of The Incredibles.
  6. going to be a long 4 years.
  7. Reform TKR into Space Rome, and become the evil Empire that rules Orbis with an Iron fist legs, where we make our allies our bitches, force the disbandment of certain alliances, and make the world pay tribute to the Glory of the Iron Legs.
  8. I'll throw in 10mill to the pot
  9. This was my dream when I was 10 and it is still my dream.
  10. 18
  11. Blackie, you were in govt before for some odd reason, I dont know why someone believed it was a good idea, but after your short time, most of the memberships want you nowhere near any position of power ever again.
  12. Someone buy it for me and I'll play with all of you
  13. If I can get the game in time im willing to do this
  14. There actually 5 Home Alone movies, dont watch 4 or 5, they are terrible.