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  1. Lordship


    Don't play EU4, prefer Stellaris
  2. Lordship

    Mistborn Series

    Haven't read them myself yet, but everyone says that they are necessary for the cosmere so I'm getting around to it once I finish Kingkiller
  3. Lordship

    Words of Radiance

    Best moment was the Dalinar flashback where he is a farmer fighting off voidbringers with a stick and two radiants descend from the sky like shooting stars to save him and the village. In my head it looked something like this:
  4. Lordship

    The Way of Kings

    Best moment was Kaladin jumping into the arena to save Adolin and Renarin. “Honor is dead, but I’ll see what I can do.”
  5. Lordship

    Favorite Characters

    Shallan really came into her own in Oathbringer, to the point where I didn’t mind reading her chapters. I suppose it helps that she typically had Adolin or kaladin in the chapters with her, but her progression as a character really shot up exponentually. The love triangle was kind of meh, reminded me of a pseudo Jacob vs Edward dynamic, but Radiant/Veil’s personality seeping in and affecting Shallan made it pretty interesting. @Nizam Adrienne most definitely lol, especially the big Elhokar moment. That and Dalinar remembering Rathalas are the two moments in the book where I honestly felt numb.
  6. Lordship

    Favorite Characters

    The chapters I look forward to the most are Kaladin/Dalinar, so there is that
  7. Lordship

    Which one?

    Option 2 is the most kawaii~~
  8. Is that you Rin? if you don't play anymore you wouldn't mind sharing
  9. Lordship


    I neva freeze
  10. Lordship

    Who stole my reps?

    More like voluntold!
  11. Lordship

    Who stole my reps?

  12. Lordship

    Who stole my reps?

    !!! I was not involved in this Repgate!
  13. Lordship

    Who stole my reps?

    En garde.
  14. Lordship


    Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas, hella cold and employing the art of war against the inferior Redcoat generals. First American victory in the revolutionary war!
  15. Lordship


    Updated wallpaper