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  1. Introduction

    I neva freeze
  2. New to the game

    Hey! If you're a fan of Sanderson, you'll fit right in Visit this thread to formally apply:
  3. Hello everyone!

    I was a cadet all 4 years of high school Welcome to the Alliance
  4. Introduction: Tevron

    You should recount the many tales of our old adventures That and once again, welcome to TKR
  5. new to all this

    Welcome to TKR Owl Master Try your best in the Academy!
  6. Post US Election 2016

    Improved Russian-American relations, making NATO nations pay their fair share
  7. Salutations

    Bout time indeed lol!
  8. Salutations

    Ayyyy welcome to the alliance man! Been waiting for you Glad you've finally made it home hehe
  9. Hi Y'all!

    Welcome! Glad to have you around my friend!
  10. Hello

    Hey! If you're looking to apply, make sure you check out this thread here
  11. Kayser Intro

    Welcome indeed my friend!
  12. Greetings

    Welcome to our beloved home
  13. A Wild Grinch Appears

    Thank the Almighty that we finally have ourselves a graphic designer
  14. Goomy

    I appreciate your concern but trust me, we won't sign anything based on former alliance members joining us
  15. Goomy

    Welcome to TKR, Goomy They have no reason to fuck us, they're allied with OO member NK so our alliances are mutually invested in each others success