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  1. https://gyazo.com/60c7adf896c14c0dee9344766774745b
  2. Lordship

    Twitch tv

    Civilization 6 is King.
  3. Lordship

    Which Genre of Music Do You Listen To?

    Trap money benny
  4. Lordship

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    Basketball to play because I've played in leagues since a young age, and football to watch!
  5. Lordship


    Anything with Kaladin in it, but particularly the training sessions of the bridge four members while they were recruiting. I remember having chills run down my spine when Skar and Drehy showed back up with a baby that they managed to save, and they both said that they will protect those who cannot protect themselves. That was epic!
  6. Lordship

    Poll of the Day(4/6/18)

    Other, because he has some diplomatic ability (see Iran deal, Jerusalem embassy move, peace in the Korean peninsula and Singapore summit) but imposing tariffs is hella stupid, let alone on allies
  7. Lordship

    Poll of the Day (29/05/18)

    Now of course lol
  8. Lordship

    Poll of the Day(13/5/2018)

    Other: Gun Range
  9. Lordship

    Poll of the Day (4/5/18)

    You already know!
  10. Lordship

    Poll of the Day (4/5/18)

  11. Lordship


    Don't play EU4, prefer Stellaris
  12. Lordship

    Mistborn Series

    Haven't read them myself yet, but everyone says that they are necessary for the cosmere so I'm getting around to it once I finish Kingkiller
  13. Lordship

    Words of Radiance

    Best moment was the Dalinar flashback where he is a farmer fighting off voidbringers with a stick and two radiants descend from the sky like shooting stars to save him and the village. In my head it looked something like this: