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  1. I have a confession to make......

    Umm, I know what discord is. Was asking for your code to get in your lobby. But mkay
  2. I have a confession to make......

    Hey, Max, whats the discord? I want some of that ass. And I know it's probably somewhere here, but laziness is bad
  3. Oh

    Nice, but try Multivariable Calculus Freshmen year of college. I may seem dumb, which I am, admittedly. But I am book smart. Also taking Multicalc based physics and Advanced Circuitry, all as a freshmen. I'm 19
  4. Oh

    Yes, another dude that can help me for class...... I mean what? I'm joking though. Hai, I'm Blazer, just a dude. You on Slack?
  5. US 2016 Election Prediction

    Shhh, you can't vote m80 lel. Jk, it's good to have younger people into politics.
  6. Trump

    Oh, but money will convince any person to do things your way. Trump is an idiot. Hilary is a liar. Do I support any of them? Nope. Do I rather have a liar than an idiot? Mmmm, sounds tempting, but I'll pass. Trump could have some good ideas, which may sound crazy because trump and good ideas don't go well together. I do like Hilary for a reason. She isnt going to ruin the nation, hopefully. I'm leaning towards her. And this is why I am divided. Hilary can do something.
  7. Hai

    Oh trust me, you boys better be ready for me in slack. I already signed up. Prepare for some great dick jokes
  8. Hai

    Nah, I'm good now. Realizing that buying food from the market is best for my nation
  9. Hai

    Like hot damn, they got to fix that system before people quit before even trying the game. Make it so beige nations are protected from radiation for the 14 days of safety. Like holy shit
  10. Hai

    Man, this new radiation thing is really hurting my nation. They better fix that system. My nation is hurting real bad. -2 food per turn and I can't fix it because of you guys warring. So Imma have to wait out this war to actually grow. I came at a very not ideal time to start the game.
  11. Hai

    One other thing is is it okay if I don't receive aid for like a few weeks? I want to learn on my own a bit. Also wondering if it's okay if I stay an applicat for a bit beforehand. I want to not be in an alliance for a bit because I want to be self sufficient but I know I will be in this one in the long run when I do join one.
  12. Hai

    Maybe. Maybe not. The world may never know. Soo, riddle me this. How mature are you folks? Are you super serious or can I make dick jokes here?
  13. Hai

    I do get the reference as I am a memer. I haven't gotten accepted yet nor have I gotten aids. I do not expect aid even after the war because of how costly war seems like in the game. I look forward to learning/growing/warring with you all. I already know 1 person in this alliance, Patriot Girl, as she inspired me to play this game. It looks like an upgraded version of CN from the looks of it which is awesome. As a wise one once said, "War, war never changes" By the by, has anyone here made a comic series for this game?
  14. Hai

    I'm Blazer, as you can probably see. I like turtles. I like text based nation building game. Be like Blazer.