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  1. lol. Steelers are playing Chiefs. And is Texans a troll?
  2. I know the games are done. But you can look at slack for evidence of my picks. Falcons (My team, and they're doing good) Patriots (duh) Packers (red-hot team with a QB with playoff and SB experience) Steelers (Again Playoff and SB experience and the 3 B's well pull in the W)
  3. Texans Dolphins Seahawks Packers
  4. Man, bhuto, I'm new too. I'm a baby nation that can pack a punch. Grr
  5. I read stuff like TWD and other comics.
  6. Hey, you helped the mentally disabled, I can appreciate that
  7. I volunteer at a free clinic, hospital, and at school, am in environment club. Not as much as other folks but quite a bit. Nothing to show off, but I like doing it. Makes my heart giggle a bit
  8. Umm, I know what discord is. Was asking for your code to get in your lobby. But mkay
  9. Hey, Max, whats the discord? I want some of that ass. And I know it's probably somewhere here, but laziness is bad
  10. Oh

    Nice, but try Multivariable Calculus Freshmen year of college. I may seem dumb, which I am, admittedly. But I am book smart. Also taking Multicalc based physics and Advanced Circuitry, all as a freshmen. I'm 19
  11. Not to brag or anything but I'm in the 110 range. Hehe. Me is a smart.
  12. Oh

    Yes, another dude that can help me for class...... I mean what? I'm joking though. Hai, I'm Blazer, just a dude. You on Slack?
  13. My Laptop and Phone. Nothing else is important there
  14. Shit, is that for real? Season 2 of OPM? I'm so hyped now, hopefully it's good. OPM is bae
  15. Like that