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  1. Ryan Miller

    North Korea Issue

    It's been a while eh?
  2. Ryan Miller

    Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher, former conservative prime minister of the United Kingdom during 1979-1990. A controversial figure who transformed the UK either for better or for worse. Here arguments as to why people might think she's either a good or bad prime minister. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/debate/debate-was-thatcher-a-great-british-prime-minister-8564906.html
  3. Ryan Miller

    Describe The Person Above You

    A person
  4. Ryan Miller

    French Election

    Well Macron won with 65% of the vote.
  5. Ryan Miller

    French Election

    Yeah I know. I didn't want people to think that this poll would be biased calling her a far-right as some people would just put her at the right.
  6. Ryan Miller

    French Election

    The election is tomorrow so we'll have to see who wins.
  7. Ryan Miller

    Post your war loot

    A message from Enigma "There are also rumors that we are running low on resources. This is again false. We have the ability to continue continue fighting for months using our current stockpiles, but we have no desire to do so." He's not in BK but he's in an alliance that's at war with out friend. The point is that our enemies have gotten to the point that they're so pathetic, that it's actually depressing.
  8. Ryan Miller

    French Election

    Right now, France needs a candidate that would be pro EU. As of now, the EU is in a state of instability as it could be gone with the slightest crack, like France leaving the EU. Brexit was already bad enough for the EU but if France were to leave, this could possibly lead to the end of the project. Yes, I know that the EU isn't perfect, but with a little bit more tweaking, we could turn the EU into something great.
  9. Ryan Miller

    French Election

    The second part of France's election is going to happen this coming Sunday. In the election, we'll see the centrist Emmanuel Macron face off against right leaning candidate Marine Le Pen. If you could, who would you vote for in the French Election? Also, I've put in the option as some people might think they'd vote for neither or some other reason.
  10. Ryan Miller

    Which country's military?

    Switzerland military stronk
  11. Ryan Miller

    Describe The Person Above You

    A Spearman