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  1. bw55555

    Last person to post wins

  2. bw55555

    Describe The Person Above You

    Some viking dude
  3. bw55555

    the art gallery

    I think so... it doesn't seem like these are from mistrade channels since I never saw one worth 100 mil in #market-tips
  4. bw55555

    TKR Leaderboard

    Race! Race! Race! tbh I'm not sure who to support...
  5. bw55555

    Brand New Word Game

  6. bw55555


    Welcome!!! If you're any good at coding, just let me know , we have a tech department that is recruiting @Awesomeness <.<
  7. bw55555

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Incorrect. But I think mitsy will post next
  8. bw55555

    TKR Christmas event 2017

    click the link in the first quote. Pictures are in the replies
  9. bw55555

    The Radiant Literacy

    I love how the books that TKR is based on aren't in that list... Other than that, I've read the hitchhiker's guide and Ender's game.
  10. bw55555


    Definitely. Love Cherries
  11. bw55555

    Count to 100: Counting Game with a Twist!!!

    what's this about, leader? I never knew about ingame money for reputation/posts. Anyways, 110
  12. bw55555

    Describe The Person Above You

    a war maniac
  13. bw55555

    Count to 100: Counting Game with a Twist!!!

    106. I've gotten 36 reputation today and counting lol