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  1. That was me aswell, trusty poll for it seems like around update is the best time though really, hour or two before to start
  2. wtf that's lower than me i'm calling childline
  3. wow i was reading through and thought i finally pleased everyone I have an iphone 5s which i'm keeping for a while longer. I don't really want a massive phone mine is approaching 4 years old and is good for me I have the worst iphone of all my friends (can't really compare against non iphones i don't really know about them) but i still love my 5s its all good for me. I have an ipad mini and no laptop. I guess I just like small devices
  4. Sorry we've not had a poll for a while, i only do them when i'm on my computer and i haven't been on it since last (last) weekend Fun fact - Tuvalu has the .tv web address and 10% of government revenue comes royalties from the use of the .tv address! Make sure you check out @RagnarBuliwyf 's stream, i'm locked out of twitch atm but he will put it down below!
  5. After everyone's favourite disaster, Brexit, let's look back on some of the people who have died in 2018. Who was the saddest loss for you?
  6. @legoboyvdlp - can you set up some European movie nights?
  7. The campaign to stay was just appauling and it was the only reason we left. if they had bothered to actually campaign to stay in the EU then this mess wouldn't have happenned in the first place as they just assumed stay would win
  8. seems to have worked fine the past 70 years we've been in it
  9. oh boy here's the big one of polls! i'm very for staying as a student i like the idea of being easily able to travel, holidays abroad are easier and the EU could teach britain a lot of things regarding public transport for instance.
  10. don't forget porno studio tycoon, a true childhood classic. noted though
  11. Have you ever played Transport Tycoon? Got any nice memories to share?
  12. sorry! you definitely should look into it @Benfro if you enjoyed rct series. its a separate game by the same developers, just not released by atari who messed up with rct4
  13. What did you think of this game. Did you ever get any of them? I played the hell out of RCT3, and i recently bought RCT2 so that i could play Open RCT2 (the multiplayer port) with some of my friends - i'm on it right now! https://imgur.com/V1ZD4MV I have Parkitect too which is fun but my computer died inside so can no longer run it. It can't run Planet Coaster and i don't want RCT4.
  14. I'm 17 so only have ever played the 2014 one - was a complete joke. The cities were tiny and nothing worked really was fun with friends. Cities Skylines is amazing. So much mod support its fantastic!
  15. not been into this part of the forums for a while! good to see people still posting
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