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  1. not been into this part of the forums for a while! good to see people still posting
  2. Hariff

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Nah you thought! Kebsla
  3. Hariff

    Approval Rating

    Post War Approval Ratings everyone? Approval Rating: 69% (68.77)
  4. Hariff

    quest to 1000 pages

    wow how are we at 210 now haven't been here for a while
  5. Hariff

    19/02/19 - Apps

    How many pages of apps do you have on your phone? I only have one since my iPhone 5s is only 16gb I have got two folders though with 12 apps in each though! this would be 1 page for anyone that's unsure
  6. Hariff

    12/02/19 - Cars

    He carries equipment around and the trains are shit. mainly equipment though (but the trains most certainly are shit, even when they work he's far in the suburbs but they are always full at his stop, and theres like 10 more to go until your in tube territory)
  7. Hariff

    12/02/19 - Cars

    Wow thats awful mpg, I think my dads is close to 100mpg (new ish Toyota Auris i think?) and my mums is at least 50mpg. You can't even enter most of London with cars that consume that much fuel i'm pretty sure without paying loads of extra charges.
  8. Hariff

    12/02/19 - Cars

    What I hope to do honestly. Get me out of Zone 7 @a horny goat
  9. Hariff

    12/02/19 - Cars

    Do you own a car? If so - multiple?
  10. Hariff

    11/02/19 - Exams

    Are you doing any form of exam this year? I am doing A-Levels and my driving test
  11. Hariff

    03/02/19 - Concerts

    Yeah i'm very worried that the Strokes will be a ton of 40 year olds, just need like 200 odd people near the front to have a good mosh
  12. Hariff

    03/02/19 - Concerts

    The cheapest ones are often the most fun. The crowd is everything honestly, if the crowd is boring I just won't have a good time unless its like one of my absolute favourites.
  13. Hariff

    03/02/19 - Concerts

    i'm seeing foo fighters (not really intentionally, they are just at the festival) this year.
  14. Hariff


    @Micchan https://shop.lego.com/en-GB/product/NINJAGO-City-70620 i love this. make it. thank you. hariff edit: lego is damn expensive^
  15. Hariff

    03/02/19 - Concerts

    When was the last time you went to a concert, share your experience! I went to see 'Circa Waves' in November 18 at my local venue, a small 200 capacity pub! They are a medium-large band, so seeing them at such a small venue was awesome!