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  1. Tormato

    It's that time of the year again!

    Bitch you know mine. Pls help. Need hat.
  2. Tormato

    California Flag?

    I forgot those who aren't in our Slack team can't see those. I fixed them now, I believe.
  3. Tormato

    California Flag?

    Bear, Woot, and I all attempted to draw the California flag from memory in a shitty paint software. Whose flag is the best? DISCLAIMER: Woot was drunk. Woot: Bear: Tormato: California:
  4. Tormato

    TKR Role Play Starting

  5. Tormato

    animal kingdom rip

    it's 3am god damnit
  6. Tormato

    animal kingdom rip

    updoot in 0.00005326 seconds or harambe kill u
  7. Tormato

    Community Service

    I told my grandma to shut up. Community service.
  8. Tormato


    I am really not a tomato in a tornado.
  9. Tormato

    retard survey

    Get on Slack and embrace the true retard within you.
  10. Tormato

    retard survey

    get yourself some applesauce
  11. Tormato

    fifth grader smarts

    tired hungry help
  12. Tormato

    Chess + Other

    Do you play chess on the forums and are games necessary or does the spam section suffice for entertainment? Are there some alternatives to chess you might like to see on the forums or quarrels you have with it? Post below.
  13. Tormato

    ayy waddup

    i have quickly run out of ideas
  14. Tormato

    heil deus

    bow down