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  1. Bro, the secound option for the second question is just saying you're me...unless there is a film called 'i am chiron'. That'd be pretty neat ??
  2. Whelp, Our shitposters were so consumed with what they could create, that they didn't stop to consider if it should be created.
  3. Awwww ... Wait what the hell!
  4. Never played Attila so I can email our noob unit, in fact I don't think I've heard of Attila total war before.
  5. I'm just imagining you're rage if I said that the phantom menace was my favourite film of that year ??
  6. Blair witch project, 1999 gotta give it to this film it took found footage style to a whole new level.
  7. I would love to do some LofTR modded total war, although I can see it taking longer to get everyone organised on it due to the fact that it's a mod, I'm open to any really, total war is total war (except napoleon, napoleons was terrible)
  8. I only have shogun 2, but I could easily get med2 if we were doing it, although rome2 got fuckin slated on the reviews so I'd be wary of getting it.
  9. He managed to get it here but it took a lot of effort to start it and it was runnin ^i think it was something about cars.
  10. Chiron

    Best 2.0

    Well looks like this is pretty tied
  11. GDP: $7,931,070,718.42 GDP per Capita: $3,299.58 cities: 11
  12. ELDER SCROLLS IS BEST SCROLLS In all fairness I I've never played morrowind or ESO past the free trial, just didn't seem worth the subscription fee and morrowing was just so old by that point.
  13. Oh yeah it was great, we went up 3 2000+ feet mountains and through about half a dozen marshes (rip my boots). Although the supply situation was a tad mixed up. Never thought I'd miss fruit so much.
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