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  1. Kazimierz the Great

    19/11/18 - How important are orders to your TKR experience?

    Honestly, I feel it's mostly just aesthetically pleasing, but, with that being said, it's a part of our theme, and personally, I wouldn't change or get rid of it. Ever. I have fond memories.
  2. Kazimierz the Great

    Who's gonna win the war?

  3. Kazimierz the Great

    Who's gonna win the war?

    Hahahaha, false accusations! What are you talking about! Poland ALWAYS wins! HAHAHAHAHAHA *fanatical laughing and cackling ensues*
  4. Kazimierz the Great

    Who's gonna win the war?

    Dunno. Both? At the same time?
  5. Kazimierz the Great

    Who's gonna win the war?

    Poland will win. Like always
  6. Kazimierz the Great

    A question on humanity.

    That's just cruel Sargun.
  7. Kazimierz the Great

    Do you generally vote positively or negatively? Why?

    I choose to vote for the person who appeals to me the most, so, positively.
  8. Kazimierz the Great

    Who would win in a war?

    I do believe EU would win tbh. Russia's population is dwindling, the population as it is, is spread out thin over the country (although mobilization could do something), and their resources aren't at their best. Plus, if all of the EU would get involved, then most likely NATO would get involved, meaning the US would get involved as well. Plus, Poland wants revenge.
  9. Kazimierz the Great

    Should college be free?

    Private schools here in BC cost in the $70 thousands for 2 years, for animation, as well as other artistic things. Gov funded schools are cheaper of course, but still end up costing you around $30-50 for 3-4 years(ish). Some schools charge you $30K for just 2 years alone. Fun times
  10. Kazimierz the Great

    What languages do you speak?

    English, Polish, decent Spanish, some German, a bit of Russian. Yeah.
  11. Kazimierz the Great

    Spring avatar

    Still fucking winter here...
  12. Kazimierz the Great

    Best British Show

    Game of Thrones would be a personal fav, but since It's not on the list, Monty Python FTW! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
  13. Kazimierz the Great

    No Tomorrow

    [1] - Eat the best pierogies [2] - Eat the best borscht [3] - Eat the best Polish sausage [4] - Drink the best Vodka [5] - Send Poland into space NEXT!
  14. Kazimierz the Great

    Describe The Person Above You

    A black person
  15. Kazimierz the Great

    Something smart and funny

    You said give reps...but you never said which kind Everyone spam negative reps