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  1. Hail!

    Yeah, we're very active. Maybe not on the forums as much as on slack though. You won't get bored!
  2. new to all this

    Dammit Smith. Welcome Owl Master. Enjoy your stay, far away from Smith that is.
  3. Introducing myself

    Hola seƱor marijuanjo! I know that's Espanol but w/e. Good to meet ya bruv. Welcome to the team! All the questions really were asked during your first application XD. But I'm sure more can be found. See ya on slack
  4. I'm Braydon (INGAME: Ubermenschi)

    What Chiron said. I always seem to be late to all forum topics, but hey...welcome!
  5. World War II

    If the Polish army was adequately equipped from the start, none of this would ever have been a problem to debate about
  6. WWII

    If the RAF lost the Battle of Britain, Poland would be lost. Good thing it never happened