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Upcoming Tournament

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As you have most likely seen, we are currently discussing hosting a Tournament of one or more strategy games.

In consideration are currently EU4, Civ V and VI, Stellaris, HOI 4 and Crusader Kings.


The poll on what People are interested in can be seen here: https://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/6718-050519-group-game-ideas/


If you have any ideas on how that Tournament may look, i encourage you to bring in your ideas here. Everything is welcome ^.^


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5 minutes ago, Menhera said:


Good Question, i guess we will have to either Play at Weekends or just find a time where the most People are available.


I will need to ask how quiznight did it.



That was me aswell, trusty poll for it :) seems like around update is the best time though really, hour or two before to start

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