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  1. Why am I banned

    @SaintlyBloody https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=82347 thats him
  2. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    I feel dirty now
  3. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    Please papa not the stick I'll behave I promise
  4. Forum Fighters honorary member june 2017

    ooops I just voted a minute ago
  5. TKR Meetup?

    Its not even 800km, 1 rep is adequate. Don't forget to ask for 2 reps when you get there.
  6. TKR Meetup?

    Looks like I'm closest to you, visit Zagreb and you'll get a rep point. I'm not there atm though
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to TKR, hopefully you'll like it here. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. Hi I am New to this gaem...

  9. Space: The Final Frontier (Stellaris AAR)

    A unicorn race that has 2 (two!) horns instead of one.
  10. Drawings competition

    Haha I'm surprised I got more than 1 vote, thanks guys. @Lamort will send out the money
  11. Look a unicorn!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Yir Yoronti

      Yir Yoronti

      You're just jealous that I don't want to ride a penguin. 

    3. emperorpenguin
    4. Bhuto


      lol penguins are awesome too :) 

  12. Movie and year

    Phew, after a first few couple of movies on the list was getting a little bit scared the year had only shitty movies.
  13. Bambino Signing In

    Welcome to our forum. Did you decide to come on your own or did you draw the short straw?
  14. Best 2.0

    Thank you for voting for me guys and guys who pretend to be girls, bank mistakes will favor you in the future
  15. Leninface Application

    It should be sent automatically to the e-mail you provided. Check your junk folder.
  16. Hi there everybody

    Welcome. Oh a design student, graphic, clothing or something else? Also I noticed you've already joined slack, so if you ever have any questions or need help, just hop on and let us know, we'll gladly help out. Now the really important question, would you fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
  17. My Final Remarks

    I'm with you on this, down with Robert E Lee!
  18. My Final Remarks

    You weren't rejected because you made the joke about FARK. You weren't accepted, you were only an applicant and your application was rejected. You shouldn't take this too harsh, even if we're a mass recruiting alliance we don't accept everybody. All that said, you really have a thing for writing. I wish I was good as you, writing papers would be a piece of cake.
  19. Atlantic States of War

    You posted in the wrong area http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/
  20. Noshember

    Sorry I messed up, thats what I get for posting at 1:30 am... Grower not growing I'll follow Bear's advice and not open the last spoiler.
  21. Noshember

    Thats ok, when you hit puberty thing will start to grow. Hopefully you won't have to explain to people that you're a grower not a shower like most of us.
  22. How old do you look?

    It really depends on what type of beard you have. Send micchan a pic daily while you grow it so she can monitor it and see how it looks like. Just a piece of advice, don't grow the tiny mustache if its the only thing growing atm, either a short beard or nothing.
  23. How old do you look?

    Do you have his face printed on a pillow?