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  1. Micchan

    TKR Leaderboard

    Updated All players over 700 score are included All player under 700 score but with more than 40 days in the alliance are included Maybe: -Lower the cut-off in the future -Add the career damage value aka total value of units destroyed by a nation with current prices
  2. I am Goku Yes he is
  3. Micchan

    Rage thread

    Age of Empires 2 with the expansion Forgotten Empires
  4. Micchan

    Rage thread

    Vent your anger here I start I HATE MY ALLY NOW
  5. Micchan

    Poll of the Day

    Anyway fuck Real
  6. Micchan

    Poll of the Day

    Other: shitposting But also geograph´╗┐y
  7. Micchan

    Poll of the Day

    I don't sleep like normal people so I don't have a breakfast like normal people But milk with nesquik is good Now tell me who eats sushi for breakfast I really want to know this alien
  8. Micchan

    Poll of the Day (21/4/18)

    Roll all of them, damn Hogwarts
  9. Micchan

    Poll of the Day (19/4/18)

    Other First toilet paper and then bidet!
  10. Micchan

    Which one?

    #4 won, avatar changed
  11. Micchan

    TKR Leaderboard

    Updated also this since a lot changed
  12. Micchan

    Which one?

    4 is first but Lordship voted 2, I don't know how to do now
  13. Micchan

    Which one?

    The size limit is the problem
  14. Micchan

    Which one?

    I need a new avatar, pick one option (remember that I will crop the pic to have only the face for the avatar) Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
  15. Micchan


    Ok now is time to change avatars, even if look at that snow in april! I think I will do a poll, they need to be resurrected