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  1. ohohoho Hisoka

    You only win cause you are with gon and killua......



    1. Micchan


      You lost because I already attached my bungee gum to you

      -Hisoka every time he seem in trouble

    2. Razorpara


      Yeah a very valid tactic in sports ? :D



  2. You're scary man.


    1. Micchan


      Why are you scared?

  3. 5 upvotes to me thanks to "your" picture, HA! :D

    1. Micchan


      Post more if you like reps

  4. micchan how are u?

    i hope u doing good i sure am i sent u a message about a happy fact that just happen

  5. hey micchan can u join in my cute pol plz vote in it o i knwo wut u like it ends in feb 1,2018 at 1:59pm

    jsut so many people who miss out on polls will get chance to vote

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