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  1. 5 upvotes to me thanks to "your" picture, HA! :D

    1. Micchan


      Post more if you like reps

  2. micchan how are u?

    i hope u doing good i sure am i sent u a message about a happy fact that just happen

  3. hey micchan can u join in my cute pol plz vote in it o i knwo wut u like it ends in feb 1,2018 at 1:59pm

    jsut so many people who miss out on polls will get chance to vote

  4. What happened to the Romans

    My town > my province > my region > my country Italians, just as in the past, forget the differences when there is a threat that affects all, in the past was WWI, now is the football national team Yeah, everyone wanted to be the king of Rome because the king of Rome is also the king of christianity, no one was but if you have power you can call yourself as you want.
  5. What happened to the Romans

    Italy now is like the Roman Empire, we're all italians but we are also *insert region/province/city*, there are so many cultural differences. And it's something that never changed, we were italians even before the unification, there was rivalry between the states but why those small states survived for 1500 years? Because when there was a threat they united to fight, that and a lot of politics helped a lot. Italian states = The Syndicate
  6. What happened to the Romans

    Genetically the population is the same. After the Roman Empire we splitted in many small nations and focused on the economy, the original jews Italy remained the richest region in the world until 1600 when the colonial expansion did enrich many european nations that were big enough to create an empire. In the Roman Empire only people from Rome where romans, and at the same time everyone was roman because the main goal of the Romans was to expand the empire by unifying people giving them a reason to want to be Roman, the living conditions improved because the Romans brought technology and infrastructure, and the people were happy to be Roman, but still maintained their identity (the european union did well), when the Roman Empire dissolved they are just back to being what they were before.
  7. Introducing myself

    Benvenuto Mi raccomando posta tanto sul forum!
  8. I have a confession to make......

    Join my alliance Forum4life.
  9. I have a confession to make......

    I really liked the first Independence Day. You probably like American food called italian food.
  10. Oh

    I can play guitar hero and I watched K-ON!