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  1. test thread, pls ignore

    It'd be interesting watching the Herald bring back dead threads.
  2. TKR Meetup?

    Remove yir from skybreakers
  3. TKR Meetup?

    biased poll
  4. Finding a better game than P&W

    There's obviously still NationStates, which is the only game in this niche that is going strong but interaction is much less than P&W.
  5. Something smart and funny

    Ready to defend Sphensica.
  6. Something smart and funny

    Give me rep instead because I'm on slack
  7. test thread, pls ignore

    I support you man, go get dustbringers First Knight and become the Herald of the People. TKR will finally be on the correct path to success when that happens.
  8. test thread, pls ignore

    following thread rn
  9. Describe The Person Above You

    The man who'll finally make poland's dream a reality.
  10. Cute cats

    That isn't a pure doge, so your argument is invalid.
  11. Cute cats

    Yes join the holy crusade
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to TKR @Malachite Lopez! I take it you already know emperorpenguin?
  13. The King of Spam

    Japan77 -786 ScherpDerp - 635 John Coulson-338 Otto Petersen - 250 Rook - 72 Cibence - 57 EP - 46 Infinite Citadel - 45 BlackAsLight - 41 Kayser - 27 Lamort - 15 Something Stuartsy - 11 Deus - 7 Bear - 6 Bernard Sandcastle - 4 Bhuto--> 4 Micchan - 1 Iacobus Decatonus - 1 Smith-1 PSC-3