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  1. micchan how are u?

    i hope u doing good i sure am i sent u a message about a happy fact that just happen

  2. hey micchan can u join in my cute pol plz vote in it o i knwo wut u like it ends in feb 1,2018 at 1:59pm

    jsut so many people who miss out on polls will get chance to vote

  3. Cycling

    Nibali has broken ribs, now we know why he did not good on the Angliru (he crashed on the Alto the Cordal)
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Plot twist! She's a trap
  5. Forum Fighters honorary member

    It's official, bw55555 removed from the FF for inactivity, welcome Mitsuru :3 For this reason Mitsuru isn't anymore the month winner so he's replaced by Augustus Caesar (he doesn't get the prize) You need experience
  6. Cycling

    My prediction 2nd place Your prediction 8th place I won
  7. sporcle games

    I was also perfect for Europe, I like geography
  8. sporcle games

    But you have to post the first attempt or makes no sense
  9. That was scary

    Buy land
  10. That was scary

    I wanted to click on guides to see the nuclear warchest but I clicked on slack, I closed the tab super fast and I saw nothing, scary moment Here we talk about scary moments of our life
  11. Forum Fighters honorary member

    Thanks :3
  12. Forum Fighters honorary member

    Yeah right, I copypasted the previous post and forgot to change the name, I guess I have to call @schirminator now
  13. Forum Fighters honorary member

    Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017: @Mitsuru Forum Fighters honorary member veteran august 2017: @Sargun Forum Fighter of the month august 2017: Micchan but @Nizam Adrienne won @Lamort 30k food in the bank, 10k for every winner
  14. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    Poll closed, winners are Mitsuru, Sargun and Adrienne
  15. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    I need votes! First poll is a draw