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  1. Be careful what you say, if she goes super saiyan it's over for you
  2. There are at least 3 movies who can easy win the previous poll.
  3. You love everything about Akari, ok?
  4. The bomb gif is beautiful, a genious.
  5. Akari is love, Akari is life
  6. 2000 was bad but 2001 is good
  7. Cats and girls, maybe tits bring visitors
  8. Yes, nothing strange right?
  9. 3 dimensions are too many, there are things that 3D people can't do
  10. That's what Keijo want to be, the best part is how serious everyone is about that sport. Too bad there's QUALITY in the last episodes, they run out of money I think. I figured you might like it, now we have to wait for the season 2 because I read the manga and there isn't enough material for now. My only problem with this anime is that 70% of the drifters are japanese, kinda stupid. Sport anime in the last years are very good, this one is made by MadHouse so can't be bad.
  11. Domo inferno coppu-san, Ninja Slayieru des
  12. Nice to see that you have priorities.