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  1. Lonzo Also interesting trade for T-wolves
  2. You are so normal, boring!
  3. More drops: Re:Creators - Dropped after 7 episodes, wasn't bad, you can try to watch this, but eeeehhh, not enough personality. anyway the plot is about characters from anime/vidya/movies who become real and they meet their creators, then fights and shit Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? - Dropped after 6 episodes, lolis have to suffer, classic plot for otakus, you add magic and fights and the average MC and it works... if only I care about your lolis, but I don't care because you did a bad job! A shorter name helps Sakura Quest - Dropped after 5 episodes, we have this average girl who starts working in a rural town that has seen a decline of tourists, and pretty much slice of life trying to revive tourism with stupid ideas, booooring
  4. Voices? lol are you crazy? My friend Bobby linked me the test Bobby is a 8421 years old elf from Atlantis and lives under my bed, we always talk and play together
  5. Ispired by the MBTI Type thread by @Memph here's the Personality Disorder test http://similarminds.com/personality_disorder.html My result
  6. My nation is 366 days old, first year of P&W
  7. Lordship/IC: *new thread* Hey guys the war is over, we won! (50 rep) Micchan *1000km trip to Zagreb* (1 rep)
  8. "Deceive your past self Micchan, deceive the world, that is the only way you can reach Shitposting Gate, El Psy Congroo"
  9. I don't get reputation for that
  10. Plot twist! You don't get in game money for posts and reputation in spam zone
  11. And it's over, 4-1 Warriors Now waiting for Lonzo
  12. In these days played: -Ace Combat 2, almost finished -Dino Crisis 2, finished -Crash Bandicoot 2, 89% -Crash Bandicoot 3, 104% -Final Fantasy IX, CD2 after Lindblum-Alexandria war -Gran Turismo, not played too much -Silent Hill, finished
  13. Help! I used all my free time since the end of the war playing PSX games
  14. No