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  1. Preview of the new season https://static.neregate.com/2017/02/neregate.com-Spring-2017-Anime-Chart-v2.webp
  2. Can be good if they kill Goku and based clown of destruction is the new MC
  3. No, it's like one of those fanfiction you can find online Hype!
  4. Watched the second season without the first one? Feels good to live in a weeaboo country.
  5. LAMAO!
  6. Best JoJo animated Why americans call it Dragonball Z when Z is just the second season? The anime/manga is called Dragon Ball Funfact, should have been Dragon Ball 2 but the publisher has confused the 2 with a Z Anyway yes, everyone watched Dragon Ball as kid, now there's Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z >>> Dragon Ball Super >>> Shit >>> Dragon Ball GT
  7. I like when the episodes aren't the standard 12-13/24-25 because it means that they have used the correct number of episodes instead of adapting the anime to the standard duration of the season and ending inevitably doing unnecessary things to lengthen or rushing by deleting some things Nanbaka (2017) 7/10 Waiting for season 3 3-gatsu no Lion 6.5/10 Also finished I am a hero (manga), great story, solid 9/10, many people didn't liked the ending, It reminds me of the end of Lost, and I liked it
  8. Why are we used as a parameter of mediocrity?
  9. I know, and it's shit The most expensive Italian university is the Politecnico di Milano €1627 a year, but it's also considered the best, the average cost for one year of university in Italy is €527
  10. But it is here in the first world (or at least everyone can afford or the minimal expense)
  11. What's the difference?
  12. And the first one for this season is finished Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2: Explosion/10 ... I mean 8/10